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38 Responses to Presidential Poll

  1. Greg says:

    I don’t understand why the Rep’s. / Conservatives can’t get any well suited candidates!!!
    Because of this, my vote is for Newt. Almost anyone is a better choice then the Kenyan!!!

    TRI-COUNTY T.E.A. of W.N.Y.

    • mrfreeze says:

      Who can win the election for President of the United States?, Mitt Romney. The other three could win an election to lead a local tea party chapter; well Ron Paul might have a tough time. Cheers. Romney 2012

    • Make calls to Florida today!



    • Linda Weyand says:

      I’d like two poll questions: one like this one AND one that asks “Which candidate most closely represents your views?”
      Other peoples’ “electability” opinions are a conservative’s worst enemy.
      Also, I voted TWICE, for Pete and myself.
      Soooo, just wait til the Ron Paulites get voting!

      • Jul says:

        O dang, I think you’re right. But I just adjusted the poll to make it more difficult to vote more than once.

  2. Sol Lachman says:

    I would vote for ANY of the candidates. Curious as to why Ron Paul was listed first. Alphabetical order is the usual method. I would have a very hard time voting for Mr. Paul as I am not as libertarian as he. Santorum has his flaws and has uttered some real gaffes that show his limited knowledge of certain areas, but over-all his policies are closer to what I believe in. I frankly do not like Mr. Gingrich’s character and ethics issues, nor his irrational attacks on Mr. Romney. Newt has got the best zingers around and comes across as sarcastic, bellicose and a bit too pleased with himself when he drops a bon mot. I like Mitt just fine, believe he did a great job as a Republican governor in the bluest state around. I think we need to get him to come to our tea party even if he only drinks orange juice. He is flexible enough to wake up and smell the coffee, just needs to be cattle-prodded to the right a bit. He is certainly the most capable—and not a great campaigner. Too bad. Newt’s passion in Mitt’s character and expertise would make a great candidate. Oooh! How about Gingrich for VP. The Senate would go nuts! Heh. It would be worth it just to shake ’em up.

    • Jul says:

      Great comments, Sol! The listing was random — but for some reason, while I was setting up the poll, it kept eliminating Ron Paul. So I started from scratch and listed him first, and it finally flew.

  3. Laura says:

    Newt Gingrich is very much a big government Progressive. His favorite presidents are FDR, Wilson, and Teddy Roosevelt. These men began the systematic dismantling of the Constitution. Teddy Roosevelt who gave us the Progressive party, Woodrow Wilson gave us the Federal Reserve, the progressive income tax; the League of Nations; Finally, FDR gave us more big government programs than any other President up to that date.
    Mitt Romney has Romneycare as an albatross around his neck. Romneycare was used as the foundation of Obamacare. Romney has been pro-abortion up until recently
    Both of these men have stood for Global Warming, Individual Mandates,
    Right now, I will stand with Rick Santorum who has been consistent in his views and policies which are closely to my own. However, I WILL vote for anyone who ends up as the nominee, because we can’t have another 4 years of Obama

    • Doug Fox says:

      At this time, I will not sacrifice my values for the perception that Santorum can’t beat Obama. ( I think my drunk Uncle could beat Obama). Sacrificing principles is kinda how we got into this mess to begin with. No more, not on my watch.

  4. Edward L McCarty says:


  5. Hartmans says:

    Ron Paul is the only one questioning business as usual and the Military-Industrial Complex. Listen to what he says NOT what others interpret.

  6. Delvin Abbey says:

    Clean the slate completely. Romney is little better than Odumbo!

  7. George says:

    I would like to vote early and vote often like any democrat, so can I vote again???
    GFCurtis Jr.

  8. Regina Whitlam says:

    This is a “very scary” time. I am afraid that Obama might be re-elected–and this will be the end of life as we know it. It’s VERY frustrating that MOST people still can’t see this. They feel fear, and they know that things are not right, BUT, they drink the “kool-ade” of the liberal media. I think that NEWT is not perfect, but I think he may be the only one that has the strength to do something . I think Santorum has good ideas, but not enough strength. I don’t like Romney–HELLO romneycare speaks for itself. how can he possibly kill obamacare ? hipocrit. However I would vote for ANY republican, even Paul—-WE HAVE TO GET OBAMA OUT. Regina Whitlam

  9. Bernie says:

    Why can’t the Republicans provide a more electable, conservative candidate? I cast my vote for Newt on the poll, but with reluctance.

  10. Help Newt win the Primary in Florida.. log into
    The race is so close… click the Make The Call button!!

  11. Ian says:

    Agree, Greg! Any of these candidates is better than Obama. Each has his own strengths, and each equally has his faults. I read Gingrich’s book last year, “To Save America: Defeating Obama’s Secular Socialist Machine.” At the time he wrote this book, he was hoping a fellow Conservative would emerge to carry that message to the White House. Apparently, he is delivering it himself. He spells it out clearly and concisely in that book, explaining the faults of Progressive policies, uncovering the “machine politics” used by the Left. Then he spends the second half of his book explaining the Conservative, Constitutional approach to getting our country back on track. It was inspiring and gave me hope that this nation isn’t running down a progressive toilet. Newt has my vote, even if it doesn’t count in NY’s delegate state.

  12. John Schmid says:

    Newt is an FDR, Wilson PROGRESSIVE BIG government Union Carg Check, dosent any one listen to him! right now he is saying conservitive talking points but… Mitt Mc- Romney is another Loose to Obama McKain. and Last of the list Santorum is an I like to be invited to the Dem parties as he also supports bail outs, and big government. MORE TAX

    The only choice left is Ron Paul unfortunatlly I dont think he will get to the ballot. So good luck all get ready for more TAX, more welfare, more green energy and a lot less liberty.

  13. Jul says:

    If you’re posting here for the first time, I have to “approve” your comment.. But I’m on the road, and won’t be able to do so til I get to where I’m going! So hang in there…

  14. Grinch says:

    Newt – Really?

    This is a man with a history of ethics violations. This is a man taking 1.5 million from Fannie Mae for doing nothing. This is the man you want to run the country? Sorry – no.
    Romney is not really any different. The current pack is starting to make Sarah look good.
    If the Republicans fielded a good candidate, then I would vote for him, but Newt?

  15. Dale Maerten says:

    I don’t know how anyone who calls himself/herself a TEA Party member can endorse a man who is:
    willing to sit on a couch with Pilozzi, call Paul Ryan’s plan social engineering, and attack the free enterprise system we are trying to promote as a way to economic freedom.

    I love to see Newt attack the media, liberal/progressive ideology, and most of all Obama. I would love to see him debate Obama, Biden, Pilozzi and Reid. But he is so abrasive and condescending at times even I get tick-off. If it is Newt vs Obama all the tea in Boston Harbor will not be able to save this country from the Obamanation we will end up with.

    The TEA Party should suck it up, let members support anyone they want and go after the Senate and work to keep the House. With the House and Senate, if Obama wins at least there is a chance to throw sand in the gas tank. If the Repub wins the Presidency with the House and Senate then the TEA party can pressure the Repubs to avoid the disaster they made of their majority status the last time they had it.

  16. Guy . says:

    The GOP establishment is again force feeding us THERE choice ,not who is good for the
    country overall . If we all look deeper you, we will realize this and get ticked off at them
    and take a stand against these self made elitists by voting against there choice Romney.
    All the GOP candidates need to focus on what is ailing Our country and how to fix and
    bring it back from the edge of failure . They also need to pound on OB and his failures
    that border on treason ! GTW.

  17. PatriotNY says:

    Santorum is best principled. Gingrich is strongest debater, likely best to go up against the illegal. How about Gingrich/Santorum ticket?

  18. Nick Smith says:

    Ron Paul for 3 main reasons:
    1. He’s the only one who understands and supports Austrian Economics and the only one who understands the problems caused by the Federal Reserve.
    2. He’s the only one serious about cutting government spending with a voting record to back it up and a detailed and specific plan to cut 1 trillion dollars in the first year. Stop tinkering on the edges.
    3. He’s the only one that will change the insane and counterproductive foreign policy that we currently pursue.

  19. Dan says:

    Very difficult to choose.The electability factor is very subjective.I do think that those who consider this election to be a pivotal moment in our history are correct…,.this is truly a do or die moment for our country. The conventional wisdom on electability got us nowhere in 2008.But it did energize the electorate ! With much at stake I personally wrestled with personal liberty issues and conservative values and I choose to go with Rick Santorum. Consistent conservative values are the needed remedy for the last several years and he has the grit needed to deal with the emerging threat of a national Iran.

  20. Jul says:

    Ok, I am most closely allied with Rick,  though it stuns me he didn’t seem to fully grasp the gravity of the debt limit, and how essential it is to scale back… I would otherwise be most closely allied with Ron Paul, because his ultra-libertarian views seem to most closely mirror my own ultra-conservative ones (tho, they’re just really constitutional ones) — but #1, placing him squarely out of the running (not to mention his obliviousness to the radical Islamist threat), the US doesn’t need any more cursing, and for one who’s always had a burden for Israel, I can’t fathom retreating.. plus his ardent local followers have done soo much damage to our efforts to elect good conservative candidates, and celebrated, yes celebrated when the most liberal of all won NY-26, after their candidate and ours wasted millions.. boy, what we could do with a million…that I have to wonder what sort of anarchist bludgeoning we’d have to regularly endure under the newly appointed local magistrates…

    Newt, of course, has much baggage, his character not being the least of his foibles… but if he’s seen the light and is truly prepared to walk the walk, I am fully prepared to vote in his favor.. tho I can’t, cuz I’m a registered Conservative.  I just can’t believe America isn’t ready for a true conservative after the atrocious mess and mockery Obama has made of our once great country…

    And Mitt?  He’s not even an option, for all the reasons you have all shared so well, but I do believe he may be electable, and unseating the imposter and lawbreaker-in-chief is our first objective.

  21. Hank Tworek says:

    The split in the WNY vote epitomizes the dilemma of the tea party nationally – lack of unity over one candidate to oppose the money and organization of the ordained Republican establishment candidate. Deja vu Ford, Dole, and the Bushes in the person of Mitt Romney. My recollection concerning the removal of Gingrich as Speaker in the late ’90s was his unpopularity in both parties over the shutdown of the government. The budget and debt mess we experience now did not emanate from Newt Gingrich, who fostered a balanced budget and forced Clinton into responsible positions. Also his tenure was contemporaneous with the bubble and huge growth.

  22. Devoted2ronpaul says:

    All but Paul are mere poser’s.

  23. dissident says:

    3 of the GOP candidates look to government to fix every problem. 1 candidate does not and his name is Ron Paul. In return for not being a big government nanny-stater he gets labeled a kook. What happened to the GOP? I remember a time when the GOP stood up against socialism and globalism. I remember a time when the GOP stood up and said “withdraw from the UN and NATO! They’re unconstitutional!” Today only 1 republican says these things openly and the establishment of the party hates that 1 man. The Republican party has been hijacked by big government neo-cons and is about to die. Vote for Ron Paul and save individual sovereignty!

  24. Jane says:

    I voted for Newt but I’m not really sold on any of them. It sure looks like the msm (or whoever is pulling the strings) will pick our candidate AGAIN. I really fear that barry will win and, well,… On the lighter side, I sure would enjoy a debate between Newt and barry.

  25. Dr James C. watson says:

    While I like Newt, I do not trust him! HE is a CFR member and big government guy !
    On the other hand Ron Paul may sound like a loose cannon, his total view is in line with
    the founders of the nation, just read Washington’s farewell address and then study what men
    like Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry wrote! READ THE CONSTITUTION and look at history
    The last and biggest question is ? DO YOU TRUST YOUR NEIGHBOR ? if you do why do we need all the many laws that reduce personal freedom ?

  26. Mark says:

    The Repubmocrats and the Democlicans are all useless in my opinion. We need to move away from business as usual of the two is one political party!! RON PAUL is the only solution!!

  27. Frank P says:

    I liked Rick Santorum till he said he would like to make cutbacks in Social Security to those who are now living on social security. Others who say would like to make changes in SS for future recipients get bad press. Rick would be doomed with his comments on SS. So my pick is Newt Gingrich. Reason being he would make the President look like a rookie in any debate. Newt would hit home run after home run in any debate.I actually think the President would not debate Newt..Yes he has baggage but he is no dummy, I think he would keep the issues out front and leave the baggage at the curb. I honestly think this guy could clean up the mess here in our country.Mitt cannot debate well and Ron Paul is just too far out there.

  28. Ian says:

    Grassfire nation conducted a Tea Party poll of about 26,000 of us across the country. Newt won the poll with immense numbers. The other three didn’t come close. Paul was hardly mentioned, I believe 1%. Ron Paul is not the candidate of the Tea Party, as his supporters want others to believe. He has loyal, active supporters – and God bless them for their passion and energy, and for wanting to change America to a better nation. But an undeniably strong percentage voted for Newt in that poll, all others lagging far behind. It also discussed electability and ideally who you’d like to elect as President, as well as who would best beat Obama. Newt, Newt, Newt. Check it out at

  29. DT says:

    The GOP is “defeating” themselves with more Delegate Fraud “Shenanigans” captured on Video at the Maine and Nevada State Conventions. The GOP Establishment and the Romney Campaign are VIOLATING the Rules AGAIN and accusing Ron Paul supporters of “taking over” the Conventions. However, you never notice the GOP Establishment saying ANYTHING about RP Supporters “Violating the Rules”. The Establishment is just ANGRY that Ron Paul is the “People’s” Candidate for the GOP Nomination.

    *Notice* – The Democrats aren’t saying anything YET, because they do the SAME thing!

    Pass the Videos on!



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