Tonawanda Out of Control — Please Sign ASAP [ALERT]

Communism at work in Tonawanda
The Town of Tonawanda is planning to obtain a liquor license to take over the concessions at two Town golf courses, owned by a private business owner.  Michael Vishion employed 20 seasonal employees who will now lose their jobs, and the profits from the concession agreement which were donated to Woman and Children’s Hospital, will now go to the Town.  Vishion, a former Board Member, has called out this abuse of power as shameful political retribution.

This is problematic on many levels:
1. The potential liability to the town,
2. The town should not compete with private business. We cannot allow our government the ability to take over private business under any circumstances regardless of the type of business it is.

Take Action! 2

Tea Party member and favored former candidate Mark Tramont has asked that we
sign this petition ASAP
, because they would like to present the petition on Monday 12-19-11 at the board meeting.  You don’t have to live in town to sign!
Story here:  Political Reprisal Suspected

holly 2
Annual Potluck — Changes
We decided to change the location from the Ellicott Square Building, because there is no kitchen facilities there, we needed to rent tables and chairs and obtain a temporary liquor permit..  Also, FYI, last year’s venue of the Sandy Beach Yacht Club was unavailable due to construction.

So Sandy Stypick has generously offered her spacious riverfront home for our comfort and convenience~!  Since she and her husband John are moving to Texas, they are selling their home, and this venue will provide a fine farewell!

You do need to RSVP as soon as you can, and please let us know what you will be bringing — hors d’oeuvre, meat dish, pasta, salad, dessert… Contact Sandy at, Jul at, or call 716.444.8908.

The Stypick Residence
1420 East River Road, Grand Island, NY
Friday, January 6th, doors open at 6pm.

More info & a map here

Cuomo Steam Rolls; The Hypocrisy.
by Carl Paladino
“Only in Albany can you raise revenues by $2.9 billion and call it a tax cut; contrive a budget deficit without having to prove it;  promise to cut the size of government and its costs and then do nothing and be praised by the press for being the best government in the history of mankind.”
Read it here

Stupid Laws

Mark Meckler of the Tea Party Patriots was arrested at LaGuardia on a gun charge — despite having legally declared his Glock 27, licensed by a California concealed-carry permit.  Egads, why don’t states have reciprocity laws?  And if ever he needed a gun, it would be in New York.
Tea-Party leader shocked by arrest on gun charges

Take Action!
Macy’s Moment of Confusion

Macy’s has instituted an in-store policy of allowing “cross-dressing” people to use whichever gender changing rooms they choose. When Natalie Johnson, a Macy’s employee, refused to allow a man, who presented himself to be a woman, to use the women’s dressing rooms, she was reminded of Macy’s LGBT policy by her manager. When Natalie refused to change her stand due to her religious convictions, she was subsequently fired from her job.

What’s to stop any man from dressing as a woman to gain access to the women’s dressing room?  Sign the petition here

Take Action! 3

The Goal: Shut down anyone opposing Obama!

FROM:  United States Justice Foundation
932 “D” Street, Suite 2
Ramona, California 92065
760-788-6624   USJF.NET

Barack Hussein Obama’s Justice Department (DOJ) just went before Congress and announced that it wants the power to prosecute anyone who “lies” on the internet.  And the bill to allow them to do this was heard yesterday, before the U. S. House of Representatives Judiciary Committee!

Their goal is very simple.  To use a loophole in the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA) to shut down anyone who is promoting “false conspiracy theories,” or “rumors,” that undermine Mr. Obama or his policies.

Mr. Obama’s Justice Department is furiously lobbying for this power under the CFAA to crack down on free speech on the internet!

For $4.80, you can fax every Member of the House Judiciary Committee TODAY, and tell them to block any attempt by the DOJ to monitor political bulletin boards, social networks like Facebook, and even websites of groups fighting Barack Obama and his policies!
(edited by TNY)

Michelle O.Grinch
Caption This
Michelle Obama is grateful to a generous nation, who has provided her and her family with every possible luxury a girl could dream of.   As Americans struggle, the Obamas make do with 37 Christmas trees

“Who’s the Grinch? Who has 37 Christmas trees and is leaving Friday for 17 days in Hawaii? Yet another vacation, she suffers terribly.”  ~Rus
“You’re a mean one, Mrs. Kitsch.”  ~Jul
Caption this at the blog, in the comment section below~!

See you soon~!
Contact:  Just hit “Reply”

The Grinch Song


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