Obama’s Terror Network [ALERT]


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Great Candidate Survey
A Must See: GOP Presidential Candidate Positions Matrix
This is a great tool
for properly educating yourself and others on where our GOP presidential contenders stand on the issues.  Learn that Newt Gingrich does not support state and local control of education over the federal government, and that only Ron Paul, Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum did not support the TARP Bailouts.  Learn how Romney is opposed to a Balanced Budget, to auditing the Fed, State’s Rights, the 2nd Amendment and a whole host of other conservative positions — and that Romney and Gingrich are both opposed to repealing Obamacare.
Then take our poll!

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Agenda 21

The White House Rural Council is a domestic terrorist organization that has recently been established to circumvent Constitutional prohibitions meant to prevent the Federal government from encroaching and expanding its power unlawfully into our lives and property.  It intends to force the subjugation of the US to United Nations control.  We should contact our legislators, find out where they stand, strongly urge them to oppose it, and overturn Executive Order 13575.

See videos here at Prison Planet.
Read about what some consider the greatest threat to our freedom, here at American Thinker.

Obama Out of the Closet
PALM BEACH, Fla. – Radio giant Rush Limbaugh says Barack Obama has “outed” himself as a “dumb,” anti-American socialist and perhaps Marxist after the president delivered a speech suggesting the American way of life has “never worked.”
Rush Limbaugh: Obama publicly ‘outed’ himself

Obama the Jobs Killer
The only part of the new Jobs Bill that would actually create jobs, is one that would approve a pipeline to bring oil from Canada.  But Obama plans to veto the bill if the pipeline is included.  Read it here: Morning Bell: Why Would Obama Veto Job Creation?

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Repeal Dodd-Frank
The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform bill was supposed to end “too big to fail;” however, it does no such thing. While granting regulators the power to step in and claim province over firms they deem to be failing, it also gives regulators the power to bailout firms with so-called systemic risk.

Dodd-Frank also created the ill-named Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, now being stood up by Financial Czar Elizabeth Warren, an extreme ideologue that even Senator Dodd, the bill’s drafter, opposed. Regardless of the bill’s substantive flaws, the empowerment of another unelected and unaccountable czar with power over consumer finance is enough to repeal the bill.

Continue reading, and send an email or letter to your reps here.

Always be aware of the AGENDA
At a time when a radical Islamist threat threatens to undermine our American system of government and religious freedom through archaic Sharia Law, TLC is broadcasting a show called “All-American Muslim” –undoubtedly to address discrimination, which in actuality appears to be quite rare in the huge melting pot of the USA.  But in the same way the gay marriage proposal unleashed fervent opposition from people otherwise accepting of the individual right to choose to engage in homosexual behavior, portraying Islam as a peaceful religion because many Muslims choose to ignore some of the Qu’rans militantly intolerant precepts has unleashed similar opposition.

The Florida Family Association complained the program is propaganda, Lowes Corporation pulled their ads, and conservatives and Christian groups have been expressing their support of Lowes’ decision.  At the same time, Lowes is getting a backlash from people oblivious to the Islamist Agenda, calling the decision intolerant bigotry.  Naturally.  Story here.

Take Action! 4
Where do you stand?  Call Lowes and let them know:  888-445-6937

The Backwoods of New York
Dang!  We KNEW there was Voter Fraud!
NY State Board of Elections lost thousands of votes
Now we just need to uncover the rest of it.

Spot on again, Carl
A letter from Carl Paladino to Jimmy Vielkind and the Pathetic NY Press Corps.

Holiday Festivities
We’re still working out details on the Holiday Potluck, but in the meantime, please be sure and reserve January 6th.  We’ll keep you posted.

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