Jimmy Vielkind and the Pathetic NY Press Corps

— Please note also a copy of a letter that Carl wrote to Liz Benjamin of YNN on November 24, 2010, at bottom —

Carl P. Paladino
295 Main Street Suite 210
Buffalo, NY 14203

                                                                        December 13, 2011

James Vielkind
Times Union
News Plaza
Box 15000
Albany, NY 12212

Dear Jimmy:

Jimmy, I’m writing this letter to you as I believe you to be the most glaring example of the hideous and dysfunctional Albany press corps.

Do you really believe there was a $10 billion budget deficit last year?  Hello! ! ! Jimmy.  Are you paying attention?  Did you ever see a line item summary of Cuomo’s budget deficit or how it was resolved?  Of course not.  You’re too shallow for that type of analyses.  You trust Andy & Co. a/k/a the Albany establishment.  Why would they deceive the people?  After all, there is total transparency in Cuomo’s administration, isn’t there?

Jimmy, you are incapable of analytical thought and nevertheless trying to wear adult shoes.  You feel smug with your liberal Albany press corps delinquents spewing out Cuomo/Silver-speak to a frustrated and bewildered citizenry who are trying to understand why the wonks in Albany protect the status quo and fail to attend to their needs.

Andy & Co. dictate what and when you report and, like a bunch of kids waiting for ice-cream, you and your peers sit around and wait for them to define the issues and what you should say about those issues.

As Ezra Stone so aptly put it in “Boss,” “The landscape won’t change.”  Men like Andy & Co. never leave.  The system is not designed to cleanse itself of the Cuomos, Silvers and Skelos’.  They give an illusion of acrimony but their interests align.  They work together managing our government and dispensing gratuities for their own ends and those of the special interests who pay for them to stay in office.  They’re entrenched and symbiotic.  They survive.  They hold on to power beyond when they should and in so doing bring waste, corruption and graft to everything while they remain.  They want to keep things just ticking along.  They fear upheaval and disruption but here in New York they have no fear of its weak liberal press corps that they have spent years nurturing.

You are not journalists serving the best interests of the people as you may have dreamed in college.  You are failed products of the Albany establishment.  You wanted so badly to be part of the Albany press corps that you surrendered your integrity and sense of decency.

Occasionally you wonder why Joe and Josephine citizen don’t trust you.  That’s easy.  You were chosen for the job not for ability, independence, intellectual honesty or integrity but because you obviously can be controlled and you don’t have the intestinal fortitude to make waves.  Your lack of self-esteem and self-confidence is written all over your face.

Your bosses knew they would never make the big time so they chose to buy into the establishment agenda and take the low, easy road. No heavy lifting, and, God forbid, don’t shake things up and make any waves or you won’t be invited to any parties and you won’t get occasional scoops.  They, like you, sold their souls to the devil.

Nobody really gave a hoot about gay marriage.  Couldn’t you hear the sucking sound in March and April.  Cuomo wired up the inane issue with Skelos and Silver to distract the people from the more critical issues that they did not want to address like real Medicaid reform to get at the fraud, waste and abuse; tort, malpractice and workers compensation reform which would dramatically reduce health and other insurance costs and actually lowering regulation, the cost of state government and taxes to create and retain real jobs.

The establishment needed the distraction to create the illusion of change and you gave it to them.  The session ended “not with a bang but with a whimper.”   Andy & Co. did absolutely nothing to change the status quo and you proclaimed it a hallmark, successful session.  You set the bar at ankle level and gave them the illusion they so badly needed.  They played you like a violin.  You helped them give the people a jolt of hope.  It lets them believe in the possibility of things.

This week Andy & Co. “adjusted” income taxes so we can all now share in subsidizing the corrupt and dysfunctional MTA, instead of taking it to the woodshed for a beating.   They will spend billions to “rebuild our infrastructure” which is a ruse to pay back the trade unions that supported their elections.

The parasitic and useless political class is alive and well.  In fact Andy & Co. created more jobs for their cronies in ten regional economic development councils filled with political suits who have trouble spelling the words “economic development.”  They even gave State workers a 5 year “no layoff” covenant which directly conflicts with their promise (we knew it was hallow) to right size government.  No comment by the press.

Andy & Co. have done nothing to retain or create new and real private sector jobs or create an atmosphere for business expansion.  He’s a socialistic progressive elitist and always has been.  A zebra cannot change its stripes.  Cuomo’s obsession to become President will continue to deny the people of New York any future opportunity for their families.

Andy & Co. can’t stop feeding at the public trough.  They benefit from the chaos of the status quo in their quest to build a permanent majority composed of our socialistic governmental and trade union sympathizers and the poor entitlement class.

New York has the highest cost of government and the highest taxes per capita in the world.  Our vibrant youth are leaving for greener pastures in droves.  Producers are really asking “Who is John Galt?”

I sent the letter to Liz Benjamin (a copy is attached) because I wanted to believe that she was better than that.  I copied the entire press world as I will do with this letter because it is full of Benjamins and Vielkinds and maybe others will learn from it.

New Yorkers don’t have anything left to believe in.  They have so many problems to deal with, all of which emanate from the systemic corruption of Albany and a shallow and complicit press corps. which helps defend the status quo.

You are on the down slope now Jimmy.  As more and more people experience your lack of integrity and journalistic ethic you’ll get more isolated and then you’ll be alone.

Some like the Dickers of the world, will walk between the raindrops and nest on the hill for a while but only for a while.  Eventually the eagle will come to evict him from his perch and send the planarian crawling back under the rock he crawled out from.

You have little talent and a great fear of the world.  You should find yourself a nice job in a quiet place.  Maybe you should do some landscaping, cut the grass, trim the bushes.  You’re not capable of seeking truth.  It’s sad.  I really liked you when I first met you.

Don’t try to communicate with me again.  This missive will go out to 45,364 of the millions of New Yorkers for whom you and your paper have no regard.

Very truly yours,

Carl P. Paladino

Carl P. Paladino
Attorney at Law
295 Main Street, Suite 210
Buffalo, New York 14203

                                                                                                              November 24, 2010

Elizabeth Benjamin
YNN Studios
104 Waterveliet Extension
Albany, NY   12206

Dear Liz:

Your phone interview with Cuomo about Steven Rattner was pathetic. You threw Andy softballs as you did with Sheldon Silver in Puerto Rico.  Andy knows you like him and will throw easy questions.

Maybe it’s your youth; immaturity, inexperience or what appears to be an endless desire to ingratiate yourself with people in power.  Whatever it is, it’s not consistent with the Mantel of  Journalism but it will be the reason you will not make it to the big time.  If you really want to make a difference and earn the people’s respect, challenge those in power.  Study an issue in depth. Ask the hard questions. When they say you are boring, patronizing and ignorantly complicit, fight back and tell them you can change your ways.

Corruption breeds in New York because the shallow and naive press defends the status quo and protects the establishment.  Keeping yourselves uninformed, ignorant and politically correct makes as guilty as the self-interested elitist culture of corruption for allowing a dysfunctional government.

Is Andy really fit for office? He’s a poster child for everything that is wrong in Albany. He avoided interviews and Q&A. He never disclosed how he stood on Obamacare. He was allowed to walk on his use of drugs. He never answered for lighting the fuse to a worldwide recession. He failed to prosecute Rattner, Rangel and Farkas and he didn’t answer for his Dubai bank relations and their connection to the Ground Zero Mosque issue. He abused his prosecutorial discretion in allowing Hevesi to avoid jail, etc., etc.  It all adds up to incompetence, if not corruption.

Watch O’Reilly interview Bush and learn good journalism.  Despite praising Bush in the past, O’Reilly asked the hard questions and showed how tuned out the guy is.   The penultimate interest of O’Reilly is to protect the people from bad public servants, not to patronize or allow theatrics.

Bush stated he had no idea how big the sub prime financial meltdown was going to be and that it wasn’t his job anyway.  Can you imagine that the President would say that and all his advisors including Hank [Goldman Sacks] Paulson didn’t know what was going on?  O’Reilly then flat out told Bush that the American people expect their President to know such things, as Bush tried to climb into the fabric of his chair.

Our State government is at best [3] men in a room Liz.  This is not a representative republic. It’s not constitutional nor is it right. It is the Petrie dish of fraud, waste, abuse and corruption and doesn’t serve the interests of the taxpayers.  The press was threatened with being shut out and State employees and other citizens were threatened with retribution if they said a bad word about Andy.  Why doesn’t that bother you?  If a complacent, lazy and apathetic press doesn’t police government, who will?

When we first met I thought you were cool and discerning and had read Animal Farm.  Liz, all pigs are equal, but in New York some pigs are more equal than others.

The Rattner deal was fixed from the outset.  “Pay to Play” club members buy their way out of jail with a heavy fine.  Otherwise they might have a weak moment and roll on others.   It’s all about illusion, timing and playacting.

In this play Andy is the fixer who hasn’t filed criminal charges against Rattner, the fixee because Andy assumes he has the right to determine who is above the law, which he gets away with because neither the private sectors nor the press does challenge him.  He’s an elected public servant with a defined job.  Allowing an “above the law” environment foe special people encourages the culture of corruption. The imperial Andy has repeatedly abused his prosecutorial discretion while the press provides a willing audience.

The evidence seems clear that Rattner bribed David Loglisci, the Retirement Fund’s chief investment officer and his brother and gave a $50,000 campaign contribution to Alan Hevesi, the Comptroller, to get access to $150 Mil in pension money to invest.  Rattner, who obviously knows where more skeletons are, got caught.  Did Andy investigate other state officials who were greased by Rattner or other “brokers” who sought similar favors? Where did Andy draw the line?

As noted on your show, Rattner took the 5th amendment 68 times. Andy, using illusion and playacting, now feigns that he was very upset about that. Then why didn’t he indict Rattner for bribery? Rattner, a big Democratic Party patron and fundraiser, a wealthy pillar of the Manhattan elite and well connected friend and manager of the personal fortune of Bloomberg. Rattner should be a high priority criminal target to send to jail so as to send out a clear and unequivocal message to all such “Pay to Play” shakers that bribing public officials is not acceptable behavior.  Instead, Andy is letting Rattner walk on criminal charges and suing him for $26 Mil with high publicity. Banter in the press with Rattner and his creates the illusion of acrimony while Andy fixes the deal despite his promise if you commit a crime you are going to jail.

Obama’s boys were not about to criminally prosecute Rattner, his car czar, so the SEC on October 13 agreed to settle civilly for the mere $6.2 Mil in profits Rattner earned and a 2 year ban on associating with investment brokers and advisors [a slap on the wrist].   Apparently, at Andy’s request, the SEC delayed the announcement until after the election so it could be timed with the GM- IPO and Andy’s $26 mil lawsuit.  The Wall Street Journal called this rain on Rattner’s parade “venomous”, but it’s all part of the illusion that there is bitterness and animosity between Andy and Rattner.  Now the “Pay to Play” club boys want to complete the Hevesi and Rattner and probably Morris “get out of jail free” deals before Andy leaves office.

What happens next?  Is the lawsuit defective?  Will the court throw the cases out?  Will Andy announce next week that he has settled the Rattner case for a heavy fine in lieu of any further civil or criminal action?  Remember Andy said on your show that criminal prosecution is still under consideration.  What did he mean by that?   It is clearly prosecutorial malfeasance for the Attorney General not to send Rattner, Morris and Hevesi to jail.

Dec 14 is the sentencing of Hevesi, Liz.  We told you that an early edition of the law journal said the plea deal was that Andy had agreed to no jail time in return for a mid-election campaign political announcement of a guilty plea for Hevesi.  Mysteriously it was later taken out of the paper.  How’s that for a push? Has the press asked for a transcript,  which should be public knowledge?

Hevesi, another charter member of the “Pay to Play” club, knows a lot about other dealings with the likes of Sheldon Silver, Sampson, Smith, Koch, D’Amato and many of the Wall Street “above the law” boys who also received broker fees for placing Retirement Fund money with investment firms, etc., which could be very damaging to the careers of those folks, some of the greatest diabolical minds of the Western World.  A list of all the brokers and investment firms who have done business with the Comptroller’s office for the last 15 years should be published, but that might be asking too much of the press. Hevesi is keeping quiet as long as Andy him [which he did–he could have charged him with a felony that would call for 15 years in jail but chose a lesser felony that calls for 5 years], doesn’t charge his 2 sons, and gives Hevesi a walk with no jail and a heavy fine.

We are watching Andy style “justice for all” as he abuses his prosecutorial discretion and gets away with it.  The former Comptroller of the State of New York, the sole Trustee of the State’s $125 BIL Common Retirement Fund, who should be held to the highest standards and should be a high priority maximum charge and sentence target so as to send out a clear message to other State officials that violating the public trust for personal gain, [a $1 million bribe] is not acceptable behavior, will walk away with a fine and a slap on the wrist.

Yes Liz, some pigs are more equal than others and you and your friends are very much a part of the problem.

Very truly yours,
Carl P. Paladino

Cc:  Everybody

PS: Caputo misspoke about my interview with Maggie Haberman. I don’t lie or fabricate. I’ll tell the world about Lisa, Margaret and Debra and the horror suffered by Kerry when I’m ready.

Liz, your opinions on me are like armpits, everyone has them and most of them stink. Ellicott Advertising was used to avoid the rip-off game played by campaign consultants where they get a 15% kickback from the media for placing advertising. I did not earn a cut. I paid wholesale prices. Who with half a brain wouldn’t? What is the matter with you? Do you ever know what you’re talking about? Why don’t you have the courage to tell Joe and Josephine Citizen about the real games played by the media and consultants in political advertising?

Finally, Caputo also misspoke about the hiring of an investigator to investigate myself. It never happened. And, by the way, nobody cared about the E-mails except the press and campaign consultants, as evidenced by the results of the primary.

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  1. TEANewYork says:

    From Carl Paladino:
    “Note that all of my predictions concerning Andrew Cuomo and the Albany establishment came true, especially my prediction that Cuomo would give Steven Rattner a walk from criminal charges which he did on his last day as Attorney General and that he would try to walk Alan Hevesi from going to jail, which he was unable to do because I exposed the scheme before his complicit minions could execute it. The U.S. Attorney in Albany never gave us the courtesy of a response to my complaint in the matters.”

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