A Must See: GOP Presidential Candidate Positions Matrix

A Must-See:  Republican Presidential Candidate Positions Matrix — created by the Southern New Hampshire 912 Project to help educate voters, who simply don’t have the time to research the information themselves.  This is a great tool for properly educating yourself and others on where our GOP presidential contenders stand on the issues.  Obama will be added when the GOP has selected its nominee.

Learn that Newt Gingrich does not support state and local control of education over the federal government, and that only Ron Paul, Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum did not support the TARP Bailouts.  Learn how Romney is opposed to a Balanced Budget, to auditing the Fed, State’s Rights, the 2nd Amendment and a whole host of other conservative positions — and that Romney and Gingrich are both opposed to repealing Obamacare.

Click here for the PDF, and here for an article on it from World Net Daily.
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One Response to A Must See: GOP Presidential Candidate Positions Matrix

  1. TEANewYork says:

    Ok, I’m hearing from some of my conservative gentlemen friends that they like Gingrich — he talks a fine talk, and it’s virtually impossible for the MSM to “trip him up”… but as I’m reading the Matrix, I see Gingrich believes in man-made global warming and supports a Cap & Trade tax, is fuzzy on State’s rights and is extremely weak on border security, would support in-state tuition for illegals (if already attending), would not stop the massive sucking sound coming from the Dept of Energy and the massive dereliction of fiscal, social and educational responsibility at the Dept of Education — however, he IS in favor of repealing Obamacare, contrary to earlier positions…

    Ok, except for Cap & Trade, and the Depts of Energy and Education, he wouldn’t be terrible… but I see a couple of more conservative candidates like Paul, Bachmann and Santorum, and I can’t help thinking, are our Gingrich Guys just settling for fear of another four years of Obama? And does a third party Ron Paul run promised by Glenn Beck, Joe Scarborough and Michael Savage, if Gingrich is the candidate, cause any sort of ancillary Perot-effect fear?

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