The Radical Islamist Threat

Some of my closest friends are Muslims, but I still haven’t determined how it is they reconcile the intolerance and violence against non-believers advocated in the Qu’ran, with their own “moderate” views.  Perhaps it’s not unlike “moderate” Christians, who believe they are Christian, but somehow reject lust, homosexuality or pride for example, as sin.

The Bible specifically admonishes Christians not to be a menace for Him — if a brother sins, we are to admonish him; if he rejects our caution, we bring it before witnesses; if he still rejects rejects the admonition, it goes before his church, and then he is to be left alone.

The Qu’ran on the other hand advocates killing unbelievers.  So explains the chant “Nuke the U.S.A.” in the above video.

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