Press Release re: Barack Obama

from Carl Paladino

Newt Gingrich must forget about the also-ran crowd and focus on the hideous remarks of Barack Obama  who yesterday blatantly exposed his real and true agenda when he declared that America “never worked” and that it was time for class warfare, the basic tenet of Marxism.

Barack Obama is underwater and in a free-fall in the polls because he is quickly losing the faith of the people who he had hypnotized into thinking that he was the second coming.  Even the liberal press is recognizing that he has no viable plan.   He can’t pursue a permanent majority composed of socialistic union sympathizers and those on the ever expanding entitlement rolls and at the same time infuse confidence in the middle class to engage and get the economy going again and create jobs.  The concepts are diametrically adverse to each other.

He said one day last week that “ cash” of the American people would not be used to bail out Europe but the next day Bernacki stated in gibberish that the FED had, in some obscure concoction of nonsense, promised to bail-out the European banks.  The American people have no more reason than the Germans to be bailing out Europe’s parasitic economies and it’s time that Barack Obama came clean with the American people and tells them what damage his continuing deficits are doing to our economy.

Obama is getting desperate.  Is he getting ready to start a war with Iran to regain the Jewish vote and distract the people from their problems at home?   Can you hear the footsteps in the distance?   Pulling out of Iraq and thereby inviting Iran to move into the vacuum, sending drones over Iran and recent sabre rattling rhetoric similar to that of George Bush before he moved against Iraq, indicate that he will be looking for his own Gulf of Tonkin.


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