Remember Dakota Meyer, the only living Marine to receive the Medal of Honor, for charging in to an Afghan ambush to rescue GySgt. Aaron Kenefick and others?  Well, he hasn’t stopped trying to save lives.  He began working for Defense Contractor BAE Systems who he learned was arming Pakastani militants.  He objected and quit.  Their response? Portray him as mentally unstable, preventing him from being hired at another company.

BAE now has a massive P.R. problem on its hands, the latest of many. For years, officials in Britain and in America have investigated the firm on bribery and corruption charges. In 2010, the company agreed to pay a $400 million fine for violating arms control restrictions, and lying to federal officials about the BAE’s actions.  That was followed up by an additional $48 million fine in 2011.

Read it here: Hero Marine Sues Defense Giant After Sniper Scope Fight


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