Occupy Wall Street Sold Bill of Goods

Occupy Wall Street Sold Bill of Goods
By Mark Kostrzewski

In light of the recent focus on the unrest of the supposed 99%, this is what I think the Occupy Wall Street crowd should do:

First, they should go to their high schools and complain to their school boards for the second rate public education they received.  This is a system more intent on implementing social promotion and teaching political correctness than implementing a core competency syllabus, true and correct foundational principles in American History and government, and expecting personal responsibility.

They should then go to their liberal-leaning institutes of higher education who sold them a diploma based on socialist propaganda, which is a perversion of our basic freedoms, property rights and free enterprise.   These are the people who left the OWS crowd steeped in debt, aimlessly wandering, and ill-prepared for the real world.

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2 Responses to Occupy Wall Street Sold Bill of Goods

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  2. Fred Starr says:

    Is it just me or has political news on TV become a complete and total farce? Political news coverage is totally dependant on that networks point of view. Networks that support Democrats report only what makes their guys look good and makes the other guys look bad. Networks that support Republicans do the same thing. The government realized the problem with this one sided reporting, and ham handedly tried to deal with it with what is known as the fairness doctrine. Basically saying all networks must give equal time to opposing views. The problem is we Americans want to listen to people we agree with. The problem with political news on TV is that their reporting is lopsided toward the party they favor and hyper critical to the party they oppose.

    Their needs to be a warning label or disclaimer at the beginning or end of every political news show. The networks can report even handedly and fairly, we see it with disaster coverage around the world; Japanese tsunami, Chillian minors, earthquakes in New Zealand, the network coverage is basically the same but when we get to political news coverage its like we live in two different worlds. I am calling on all the networks and their reporters to declare their political affiliation, I am also calling on Consumer Reports, Nelson Rating Service to audit the content of major political news outlets and affix a political rating to each base on how they favor one side or the other with their reporting.

    I purpose a simple Democart/ Republican positive or negative scale. For example show A reports 80% positive Democrats; 75% negative Republicans; show B reports 85% positive Republican and 75% negative Democrats or something that lets people know who the networks are supporting and who they are trying to tear down. We dont have time to watch 3 to different shows to find out what’s going on in politics today. The bloom is off the rose with so much information out there the major networks can’t help but show their bias by the stories they chose to ignore. The stories they harp on day after day well that’s just pathetic. Help me get these networks to come clean on there political reporting and help me get a trusted outside source to rate them now and in the future. We have a right to know how they think before we let them try to tell us what to think. Add your name to the bottom of this letter and forward it to the TV networks; your local TV stations; your senators; congressmen and your president. We need to get this done before the November 2012 elections.

    Thank you,

    Fred Starr

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