Navy Heroes Need You, Today

The Intrepid Project
November 28, 2011
Dear Friend of US Combat Veterans:

Thirteen US Navy heroes were killed in battle in Tripoli. The dictator who ruled Libya dragged their lifeless bodies through the streets, fed their mangled remains to wild dogs and then dumped them into mass graves.

Two New Yorkers were killed-in-action that day: Able Seamen Isaac Downs and Hugh McCormick.

Downs, McCormick and their brothers-in-arms are still buried in Libya today, 207 years later, dishonored on “the shores of Tripoli.”

Remarkably, the United States Senate will vote TODAY to bring these combat heroes home to their families and the country they died to defend.

That’s why I’m contacting you so urgently – the families of these US Navy heroes need you to contact New York Senators Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand TODAY and urge them to VOTE YES on the Heller Amendment to repatriate these men!

Sen. Chuck Schumer: (202) 224-6542
Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand: (202) 224-4451

Intrepid destructionThe men of the USS Intrepid fought gallantly in America’s first naval war against the States of North Africa. They were killed on September 4, 1804 while engaged in a secret mission during the Battle of Tripoli.

When their bodies washed ashore they endured perhaps the worst dishonor an enemy could inflict.

For more than 200 years, the families of The Intrepid crew have begged the US government to bring their forebears home. Washington rejected them every time.

Today, those families have hope. At long last, patriotic members of the US Congress from both political parties are standing up for our lost heroes.

Leaders of the US House of Representatives attached an amendment to the Pentagon Budget and steered it through unanimous bipartisan House approval. It’s hard to believe, but the US Senate will vote on the Heller Amendment TODAY!

After two centuries of delays, it all happened incredibly fast and that’s why I’m emailing you so urgently. As the volunteer veterans coordinator of the Intrepid Project I can tell you the families of these historic heroes await just ONE MORE VOTE in Congress.

Please take a moment to call our US Senators and urge them to VOTE YES TODAY on the Heller Amendment to bring New Yorkers Isaac Downs, Hugh McCormick and the other heroic crewmen of the USS Intrepid home.

Sen. Chuck Schumer: (202) 224-6542
Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand: (202) 224-4451

When my squad and I fought in Fallujah, we drew added courage in combat from knowing our nation leaves no man behind. Millions of other men and women counted on that pledge of honor, too, as they fought to defend our great nation.

Today the families of these men need you to make just two telephone calls to assure the US Congress renews that pledge, restores honor to these fallen heroes and brings them home from the “Shores of Tripoli.”

David Bellavia
David Bellavia
Staff Sergeant, US Army 1st Infantry Division
Silver Star, Bronze Star, Medal of Honor nominee

PS: If you take just a minute today to call Senators Schumer and Gillibrand and urge them to VOTE YES, the heroes of the USS Intrepid could be on their way home. If you don’t call, it may take 200 more years to honor these men!

Please call Sen. Chuck Schumer at (202) 224-6542 and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand at (202) 224-4451 and ask them to VOTE YES on the Heller Amendment today!

VOTE YES on the Heller Amendment today!

Click the links below to send an email to your Senators here:
Sen. Gillibrand Webform Email:

Sen. Schumer Webform Email:


Protestant Cemetary conditions
Tripoli: deplorable condition of US Navy heroes’ mass graves
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