The Threat of EMP’s and the Shield Act

Though I can’t testify to the validity of an EMP threat, “Mike” from San Diego asked us to share this with you, and I’m happy to oblige, FYI:

Hi! My name is Mike Rawluk, and  I am a Tea Party member out in San Diego. I am trying to spread the word about HR 668, known as the SHIELD ACT.  It deals with the critical protection of our electrical infrastructure by hardening it to survive an ElectroMagnetic Pulse attack from Iran or other threat, or from a solar flare.  ElectroMagnetic Pulses occur when a nuclear weapon is detonated, and affects anything electrical within it’s line of sight.

Iran has been testing its high altitude detonations lately. They have practiced launches of their Shabhab III missiles from ships in the Caspian Sea, as reported by Aviation Week and Space technology.    Such an attack has planners worried that we’d lose all electricity in this country for months to over a year, and cost $2 TRILLION in damage.  It would also likely mean the breakdown of our great nation.  Water supply, food production, sanitation, and transportation would all be affected.  This could be the most important and most overlooked topic in politics today!  The Shield  Act is stalled in the Sub Committee of Energy and Power, which is headed by Ed Whitfield. I am hoping that we can get enough Tea Party members to call in support of vetting and debating HR668. Elliot Engel of New York is also on the Committee.

I have spoken with the people at .  They are a group dedicated to educating citizens about EMP threats! On their page they have set up a system to email congressional representatives, and also have a phone number directory.  They said that with such a low visibility issue such as this, just a few dozen phone calls can make the difference!!

Please take the time to watch the videos and read the information below, then decide if you need to prepare yourself and family in case of such an attack or solar event.  Then please spread the word to others, and let our elected officials know that you support preparedness on a national scale too!

Thank you for your time!
Mike Rawluk

Here is a list of who is on the Sub Committee

Here is a great set of videos about what an EMP can do

This link reports on Iran’s ambitions:

This video is from an EMP expert on Fox News:

This video from Fox News discusses the risk of a major solar storm

This article talks about NASA’s damage estimates and also a Senate bill which was converted from EMP protection to “green energy” legislation

This article from Aviation Week lays out the case for a similar risk from a major solar flare:

This website is the most comprehensive and nightmare inducing read I can find on EMP attacks:


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