TNY Picks & Erie County Election Help [ALERT]

These are not official TEANewYork endorsements, this is just a guide to indicate who are the more small government, reform-minded and conservative candidates in these races — according to the general knowledge and experience of about a dozen local TNY Members.  This is not an exhaustive list, and our apologies to those we may have missed.  If you have a recommendation that can be corroborated with the Board, please contact Jul at, and we’ll add it to the list.

Niagara Falls
Johnny Destino — Mayor, City of Niagara Falls

Erie County
Chris Collins — Erie County Executive
Chris Jacobs — Erie County Clerk
Patricia Maxwell — Erie County Court
Ray Walter — 148th Assembly District Special Election
Kevin Hardwick — Erie County Legislature, 4th District
Shelly Schratz — Erie County Legislature, 5th District
Ed Rath — Erie County Legislature, 6th District
Lynn Dixon — Erie County Legislature, 9th District

Ted Morton, Joe Mesler and the Republican slate of candidates for Town Council

Grand Island
Gary Roesch, Dick Crawford and the Republican slate of candidates.

Dino Fudoli — Town Supervisor

Town of Tonawanda
Mark Tramont, Town of Tonawanda Supervisor

To generate a Sample Ballot for your specific address, which will indicate everyone you are eligible to vote for, GO HERE.

The U.S. Congress MUST pass a Balanced Budget Amendment (BBA).  We MUST Cut, Cap and Balance.  We need a STRONG vs. a WEAK BBA.  A weak BBA is a simple plan that would require revenues and outlays to balance every year, and borrowing would not be included.  It doesn’t specify how that balance would be reached, which could easily force tax increases — making it WORSE than what we have now.  A strong BBA caps federal spending, requires supermajorities in Congress to raise taxes and restricts the ability of judges to preempt the elected branches in determining federal taxing and spending laws.  Info and video here: Edwin Meese on a Strong BBA

It is crucial we PERSONALLY CONTACT the three Congressmen on whom this decision rests, ASAP.  The decision could come as early as this week.
Kevin McCarthy (CA)
(805) 461-1034 (Atascadero office)
(661) 327-3611 (Bakersfield office)
(202) 225-2915 (DC)
Email form here
Use zip code 93422 and press Enter
Bob Goodlatte (VA)
(540) 432-2391 (Harrisonburg)
(434) 845-8306 (Lynchburg)
(540) 857-2672 (Roanoke)
(540) 885-3861 (Staunton)
(202) 225-5431 (DC)
Email form here
Use zip code 24401 and press Enter
Mike Pence (IN)
(765) 640-2919 (Anderson)
(765) 962-2883 (Richmond)
(765) 747-5566 (Muncie)
Email form here

You may cut & paste this letter:

Dear Congressman,

I am very concerned about the the enormous debt we have already placed upon ourselves and many, many future generations.  Because a weak BBA does not include borrowing and does not cap federal spending, there appears to be no limit to the extent which Congress will levy yet more oppressive taxation on an already overburdened citizenry.

Please stand firm on a STRONG Balanced Budget Amendment.  PLEASE DO NOT RETREAT.

Thank you,

DC Mayhem
We have much to share with you about our trip to DC with the Tea Party Patriots, which will be included in the next ALERT.  In case you heard about Occupy Wall Street (OWS) protesters descending upon a Tea Party group in DC, you should know it wasn’t us, but the Americans for Prosperity event.  This is just some of the mayhem that ensued there:
Occupy Protest Turns Violent
Oh, in reference to the end segment, an elderly couple was trying to leave, when OWS began pounding on their car.  As they pulled away, a protestor jumped in front of the car, presumably to stop them and was run over.  This was told to me from an eyewitness.  No twisting here.  ~Jul

Stay alert –!

About TEANewYork

TEANewYork was established as a resource for many things political, issue-oriented and policy-wise, and for things you can actually do, to actively participate in reforming our severely dysfunctional New York State government. What are you waiting for? Jump on in!
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