You’re an Idiot. [ALERT]

Quick Reminder
Please join us for a Meet & Greet, with Erie CE Chris Collins, County Legislator Kevin Hardwick, former Gubernatorial Candidate Carl Paladino and others, THIS Tuesday night.  It’s a free event, open to all.  It’s at River Oaks Clubhouse and Restaurant at 201 Whitehaven Road, kitty corner to the Holiday Inn on Grand Island, from 5 to 7:30pm.  More info here.

A new initiative starts now, which proposes to engage YOU in exercising your ever-so-important First Amendment Right to Free Speech. ROAR stands for

R= Rights (1st Amendment)
O= Opine
A= Alter/Abolish
R= Replace/Restore

..and it essentially entails engaging ALL New York Tea Party and Reform Group members in slamming the media, politicians, and whoever else (government agencies, school boards, union leaders, corporate heads, Hollywood, etc.) with a barrage of letters emails and phone calls, never letting a violation of the constitution or an assault on our liberty go unanswered.

Be pro-active and re-active.  Do not speak on behalf of the Tea Party, but as an individual citizen, exercising your right of free speech. The next 12 months are critical in making Obama a one-term President, and if we speak consistently in a unified voice, it will become increasingly difficult for the media to paint an alternate reality, for polls to publish false results, for election boards and public officials to engage in criminal behavior, and for the majority opinion to be ignored.

~Conceived and submitted by Joe Fitzgerald & Joe Omara of Victor, NY

You’re an Idiot.
The always entertaining and sometimes befuddled (and befuddling) Sandy Beach of WBEN seems to think Jim Ostrowski, who gave us Obama-infatuated Kathy Hochul for NY-26 by running 3rd party spoiler Jack Davis, is the leader of the Tea Party here in Western New York.  In fact, he says if you think otherwise, you’re an idiot.

This is the same Jim Ostrowski who is attacking Erie County Executive and Reformer Chris Collins (presumably to hand us the liberal tax and spender Polencarz), and who says we Tea Partiers have alot in common with the Wall Street Occupiers, though Jim’s list doesn’t appear to match any publicly stated OWS demands.

Isn’t the Tea Party Movement leaderless?  And if it does have one, how did the founder of a group with a membership of 9 individuals that calls itself a coalition become it?   We know Sandy Beach likes Kathy Hochul, and is all in favor of gay marriage. He has been attacking us via Rus Thompson for our stated intention of defeating Mark Grisanti, who should, at a minimum, have abstained from the gay marriage vote, to honor his campaign commitment.  But are these reasons to try and mislead the public into believing Jim Ostrowski represents Tea Party values?  Of interest too, is the fact that Jim’s FreeBuffalo/FreeNewYork 501c3 prohibits him from engaging in political activity, so how he has become the leader of a political movement is beyond comprehension.

Whether you agree or disagree, you should let Sandy know what you think.  You should also let Program Director Tim Wenger know, who seems to be suffering from a sort of Stockholm Syndrome, held hostage by his own employee.  Their email addresses are and

Jim needs to stick with what Jim does best: Pork lawsuits and policy studies.  Otherwise he’s a fish desperately lacking hydration.

What happened to wealth redistribution?
The Occupy Wall Street Protests have been infiltrated by the homeless and released prisoners, who are looking for free food. The kitchen staff have begun a mini-revolution, supplying only brown rice and other bare essentials instead of the usual elegant fare, until the homeless and hungry disperse.

“In other words, the Occupods have created a microcosm of the welfare state, and were surprised when it worked in exactly the same way.”

Too funny.  read it here:  Occupy Wall Street to cut Food for Vagrants and Ex-Convicts: Are they Becoming Conservative?

Campaign help needed
A couple of campaigns could still use your help:
Ted Morton & Joe Mesler (Cheektowaga) — Call Mitch at (716) 857-0565.
Shelly Schratz (EC Leg.) — contact Ellie at

The Blogs…
Reinstate Glass-Steagal  — important step in stopping banks from playing craps with our money
Well-funded Wall Street Occupiers — the stunning and cunning ploy of Bill Ayers and others to create a left-wing tea party-like movement
One commonality the Tea Party has with Wall Street Pre-Occupiers— Monolithic predator corporate entities (like government, unions, media, banks, Hollywood and multinational corporations) are the true Occupiers

..and more, here and here.

..for your viewing enjoyment.

Rus and I will be traveling to DC  for a Tea Party Patriot sponsored leadership training.  There is a limited number of participants, and though details are a little sketchy, we anticipate being better equipped as we all gear up for 2012.  Please keep it all in prayer.  We also anticipate holding a press conference, probably the Sunday following the election, to release some important information regarding the US Attorney’s Office and NY-26.  Details will be coming soon.  We hope you will join us.

Hope to see you Tuesday!
Reply to:  Jul Thompson at

Remember to pray for our military…
My savior my God
Aaron Shust

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TEANewYork was established as a resource for many things political, issue-oriented and policy-wise, and for things you can actually do, to actively participate in reforming our severely dysfunctional New York State government. What are you waiting for? Jump on in!
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