Defections by Senate Dems hamper Obama’s message on jobs « Albany’s Insanity

All we have been hearing is that those nasty Republicans are blocking jobs from being created, they are standing in the way of more government funded jobs. What you don’t hear from the main stream media or any where else for that matter is the Democrats that are voting against 0bama and the refusal of 0bama and his Democrat minions refusing to “compromise” on a jobs Bill. It’s 0bamas way or the highway. Even Al Franken voted against 0bamas plan, why? Because he is a co sponsor of a Bill with Republicans on another jobs Bill.

The hypocrisy of 0bama and the senate Democrats is sickening. When clearly there is another Bill that others like better they point the finger of blame at the Republicans. Just remember when you hear this crap, they are doing exactly what they accuse the other side of doing. And we wonder why nothing is getting done in the District of Corruption. This is not a dictatorship, this is a Representative Republic, it is not a pure democracy where mob rules. We have separation of powers for a reason, so get over it 0bama and Reed. You want and demand compromise, so here it is, right in front of your faces, now join in and do it.

via Defections by Senate Dems hamper Obama’s message on jobs « Albany’s Insanity.

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