Black Tea Partiers

Note to the state run media:  HA!  WE TOLD YOU SO!!

Nothing racist about the tea party
Chad Groening – OneNewsNow – 10/17/2011

South Central LA Tea Party (Photo compliments of BOND Action)A black conservative activist has taken the tea party into the heart of South Central Los Angeles to educate residents about political nominees during the campaign season.

The South Central L.A. Tea Party was founded this summer by Jesse Lee Peterson, the founder and president of BOND Action, a brother organization to the Brotherhood Organization of A New Destiny (BOND) that works to motivate and rally Americans to greater involvement in the moral, cultural, and political issues that threaten the country. He says it is important to dispel the notion that the tea party movement is made up of nothing but white racists.

“There’s nothing racist about the tea party movement at all,” he assures. “I’ve spoken at several tea party rallies around the country. And now that I’ve started South Central L.A. Tea Party, we have blacks and Hispanics and old and young and white — everybody’s in the party. And the more that they learn about what we’re about, the more people are joining.”

Jesse Lee PetersonHe explains that the group is about taking the truth into the community.

“It gives us the opportunity to educate the people about the folks that they’ve been voting in, year in and year out. [Democratic Congresswoman] Maxine Waters is one of the persons in that district,” Peterson notes. “And so it’s very, very important in that area, because a lot of the folks have not been educated as to what the country’s about and why it’s so wrong to have government involved in your life.”

And Peterson says the South Central L.A. Tea Party will work extra hard to educate area residents during the 2012 political campaigns.


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One Response to Black Tea Partiers

  1. Insignificant Nobody says:

    For over two years, they tried to divide the nation through race – they failed. Now they are trying division through class warfare. They will again fail. The People are sick and tired of these games. We are a Nation of We the People under a Constitution that created a limited power government. There is no part to division where Liberty is concerned.

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