Ron Paul’s Rabid Followers Hurt His Presidential Bid

A very good article by The Shark Tank.

Ron Paul’s Rabid Followers Hurt His Presidential Bid

By Javier Manjarres

Thus far in the Republican Presidential primary, we’ve seen 4 different “front-runners” occupy the top tier of candidates, and we’ve had one candidate emerge from the second-tier of candidates and move up to to the top tier, that being Herman Cain.  But probably the one candidate who has drawn the most consistent and vehement support amongst his followers from the onset of the campaign is Congressman Ron Paul.

Paul, ran for President in 2008 and has proven his ability to raise millions of dollars, but the highest he’s been able to reach in the field is fourth in most polls, and he’s yet to be able to breakthrough and surge as did Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, Congresswoman Bachmann and Herman Cain.

So why hasn’t Ron Paul been able to reach that top tier of candidates? While many Americans believe in much of what Congressman Paul espouses, these same mainstream voters are not convinced about a Paul Presidency for two primary reasons.

Personally, I think Paul is a good candidate whose constitutional-based domestic policy positions are very solid, but it’s the other half of his platform- his irresponsible foreign policy positions- that make him unsuitable for leading the country.

Congressman Ron Paul is a staunch Pro-life advocate, a fiscal conservative, and is against Amnesty for illegal aliens that have broken U.S. immigration laws by residing her illegally.

But it’s his very misguided outlook on foreign affairs, the fact that he is nearly blind to the danger that Islamic Fundamentalism holds for this country, and his knee-jerk reaction to blame America first and justify the antipathy our strategic adversaries and enemies have for the United States- these are why he will never become President.

But aside from policy positions, another important reason why Congressman Paul is unable to gain traction with the electorate is unfortunately because of many within his ‘Ron Paul Nation’ who have managed to taint the Congressman as ‘crazy’ because of their over the top and needlessly provocative rhetoric.

The problem with many of these ‘Paulinistas’ or “Paulbots” is that they believe in their rants that Ron Paul is the only choice for President, and if you do not agree with them, you are simply a shill for the establishment or worse.  As many of us have witnessed, these same Paul supporters routinely engage in malicious attack tactics against the other Republican Presidential candidates and their supporters.

Here are but a few of the rants by Ron Paul supporters:

“Cain is yet another stooge for that proudly-bigoted, socialistic, criminally-oppressive totalitarian regime Israhell… George Washington would be ashamed of your mindless surrender of our national sovereignty to those BIGOTS… PLEASE FACE REALITY, AND SAY NO TO ZIONISTIC BIGOTRY!!!”

“Herman Cain is a Ron Paul wannabe unfortunately Cain doesnt have the qualifications: Knowledge of Economics sound money and he doesn’t know the Constitution hes just a flip-flopper thats going to go bad like Obama!”

“Anybody that doesn’t support Ron Paul is either one of the profiteers or is ignorant of the facts and too arrogant to realize it.”

“My name is Herman Cain and I am black and proud to not have any knowledge in government but hey, I did own a bomb ass pizza company and it was DELICIOUS and I made millions! So vote for me because I made millions owning a business like tens of millions of other people around the world, but I have a 999 ughm, 666 plan for all you vote! It will put a tax, on anotha tax, on anotha tax, on top of yo tax thats already taxed! I am obviously tha clear winna heera! Vote for me, I approve this message (Not Herman Cain, but some racist fool)”

So let’s make this very clear- I am sure Congressman Ron Paul is not in-line with these supporters of his, nor does he condone this type of behavior from his supporters- what candidate for President could and still remain viable?

These sorts of ‘Alinsky’ style attacks are straight out of the Liberal Democrat playbook, and they only discredit many of the valid points and issues that candidate Ron Paul raises – some might ask are some of these individuals really Democrat supporters that are trying to divide the Republican voting electorate and cause chaos from within?

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