TEANewYork Receives Death Threat

I’m re-posting this in it’s entirety here, to clarify any confusion as to where we stand on the issue.  I forwarded it onto the FBI, to which I received replies assuring us that they are forwarding it on to the Joint Terrorism Task Force.


(Originally posted here, and comments from TEANewYork members here.)

Time to Kill??
Please read the following letter we received, then let us know what YOU think. I would like to answer this suggestion we kill politicians and bankers, as well as the wealth builders and job creators in our society.

From: Time ToKill, nysgov@—-
To: TEANewYork

Look boys, our “revolution” is taking for ever.
It’s time to just start killing the top 1% of our population that is enslaving us.

They have all the money. They control all the avenues to power and we’re locked out of the process.

Let me explain it to you. For years all of the good paying jobs in this country have been disappearing and wealth has been shifting into the top 1%. The top 1% percent is your breed of people, the spoiled wealthy brats who had their road to success paved for them based on the position they were born into. All the rest of us ordinary folk, went into debt and got college degrees that turned out to be worthless. You see, it’s pretty hard to gain traction when you re being undermined by cheap overseas labor.

Have you heard about the new semiconductor plant up here in Albany, NY? You think these new tech jobs in Albany are going to help us? All of these new jobs are going to kids from the Ivy League schools and neer-do-wells from the top 1%. None of the people who grew up public high schools in New York (my New York) are going to get any of those jobs.

Do you think we should retrain? Take a look at what happened to the ones who retrained for the Internet Revolution 10 years ago. In return for campaign contributions, the politicians who are supposed to be representing WE, THE PEOPLE gave tax incentives to their private sector partners to ship hundreds of thousands of high-tech jobs overseas and at the same time flooded the U.S. labor market with cheap overseas labor. And so now, people from that tech revolution are saddled with debt they can t rid of and have a degree that is useless for the latest tech revolution .

And there are kids with a lot less education than us going to places like Albany High School, where half the kids don t graduate and their situation is beyond hopeless. These kids aren t the enemy they can supply soldiers for our war.

For God Sakes, wake the hell up and break free of the Republican Party the Koch brothers and their billionaire friends and pick up a gun. You re not helping America by siding with the enemies of America.

Here are the targets:
Calculated assassinations of leading politicians of both parties at every level of government — let them all feel fear.

Calculated assassinations of billionaires and bankers — these people didn’t start a small business and create jobs, they stole all the money.

Killing Federal and state judges — in Columbia, this was effective

Kidnapping millionaires and holding them for ransom — this will get us the money we need.

Wake up!!!

About TEANewYork

TEANewYork was established as a resource for many things political, issue-oriented and policy-wise, and for things you can actually do, to actively participate in reforming our severely dysfunctional New York State government. What are you waiting for? Jump on in!
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1 Response to TEANewYork Receives Death Threat

  1. TEANewYork says:

    Our revolution is not the same as his revolution. This clearly hails from the likes of Occupy WallStreet protesters, the violent union-driven mentality that refuses to take responsibility for helping cause the very problems they are blaming others for. “Time to Kill” is mad corporations are leaving here and setting up shop overseas. Lowering corporate tax rates and unions accepting less than exorbitant wages and premium benefits will bring those companies back here. Eliminating ridiculous disincentives like onerous regulatory restrictions and capital gains taxes would actually create jobs, not chase them elsewhere.

    Government that violates the Constitution on a daily basis is FAILING miserably for just that very reason. If government confiscated 100% of America’s wealth, they wouldn’t come close to solving the the debt, waste and frivolous spending problems. A full 50% of the population doesn’t pay taxes, so it’s siimply FALSE to say the rich aren’t paying their fair share. Instituting a flat tax, providing no loopholes and where nearly everyone would have skin in the game, would probably wipe out our debt.

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