Laugh with us tonight. Be appalled tomorrow [ALERT]

Laugh with us
Please join us for some time with friends, food and fun tonight, with Comedian Eric Golub, traveling from LA…  PLEASE NOTE THE TIME IS AT 7:00.  Info here.

Tri-County T.E.A.
The newly formed Tri-County T.E.A. Party, covering the area of Cattaraugus, Wyoming, Allegheny and some of southern Erie County, is hosting their first Kickoff meeting Wednesday, September 21st, in Chaffee. Greg Nowicki, Jon Minerd and Hugh Wilson are the founders, and Carl Paladino and Rus Thompson are Guest Speakers.  Please encourage anyone you know in the area to attend.  Info here.

Tax the rich, feed lobster to the poor
Obama’s pen is burning a hole in his hand, as he is set to sign a doomed-to-fail debt-reducing scheme (read: Spending scheme) — by raising taxes on the rich, the people who pay the most taxes already.  Even if you take 100% of the taxable income of those who make more than $114,000 a year, you only come up with $3.4 trillion — not enough to pay for Obama’s planned spending of $3.6 trillion this year.  Tax the rich, Obama says; class warfare, says GOP stamp.receipt
(Found in a Michigan parking lot)
The 1 in 7 Americans currently on food stamps certainly appreciate the opportunity to dine on lobster and porterhouse steak at YOUR EXPENSE.
What’s for dinner at your house tonight?
~Thanks to Greg Nowicki

Bloomin’ Idiocies
In reference to the jobless situation, another gem from the clueless one:
“There is no overnight solution,” [NYC Mayor Bloomberg] said.”You look at the president’s proposals. At least he’s got some ideas on the table, whether you like those or not. The only way you solve this problems is that everybody pays a little more and everybody gets a little less,” he added.

Been there, done that, not working.  And whether you like them or not?! You mean, whether or not they’ll work?!  We’re not ready for another astronomically expensive mistake.  Read it here:  Bloomberg: Jobs crisis could spark riots here

Michelle Obama:
“All This Just For a Flag”

Michelle Obama’s stunning disrespect, as the flag was being folded at a ceremony for 911 victims — absolutely oblivious to the fact that the United States flag represents the PEOPLE, our rich HISTORY, and the many MEN & WOMEN that have FOUGHT & DIED to preserve the FREEDOM, LIBERTY, and PROSPERITY she so obviously takes for granted.

Fighting Fire with Fire
“Texas Representative Louie Gohmert is a genius. He’s absconded with the name of Obama’s jobs bill — the American Jobs Act of 2011 –and used it for his own tax-cutting bill.  Is it a Republican dirty trick? How can Gohmert do this? Because Obama is either incompetent or cynical.  Here is the thing, either Obama was never serious about this so-called jobs bill in the first place and never intended to submit it, or he is one of the most inept politicians in presidential history.”
Read it here: Incompetence: Obama Even Loses the Name of His Jobs Bill

New Blog Posts:

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Were Marines Deaths Due to Negligence, or Was Afghan Ambush a Setup?
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Albany’s Insanity:
Why Obama should withdraw
“Barking Dog Syndrome”.
The American Scholar: Dubya and Me
Turner wins in Special election (against Weiner’s replacement in NY-9)

Take Action 2
Register for Hillsdale College’s Introduction to the Constitution — free webcasts.

Appalling Behavior of the
Niagara County Legislature

This behavior is unacceptable, just to prove the dysfunction starts right hear in Niagara County. This is just one meeting.  The legislators just sit there and do not defend the people.  Please pass this on:

Do you live in Niagara County?  Then it is essential for you to become more involved to stop the corruption and restore Niagara to its constitutional foundation.
~Submitted by Dave Mongielo

Write-in Wins
A notable win in the September 13th Primary:
Erie County Legislator Dino Fudoli won the Conservative Primary ON A WRITE-IN, taking it from the whacked Conservative Party endorsement of the 30 year incumbent Democrat for Lancaster Supervisor.  I would provide a link to the Buffalo Snooze article, BUT IT DOESN’T EXIST.  No surprise there.  Once a TEANewYork endorsed candidate for the Erie County Legislature, Fudoli now has the Republican, Conservative and Independent Party lines/endorsements for November’s election.

An Untold Tale of 9/11 Resilience

Hope to see you soon~!

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