Mark “Flip-Flop” Grisanti

Mark “Flip-Flop” Grisanti has done it again:  Completely flipped on an issue on which his position was firmly established.  Egads, will the influence of special interests and big money (that would be bled from taxpayers, not corporate) upon poor impressionable Mark never stop?  In his latest episode of weak willed impotence, he has betrayed common sense and is jumping on the environmental drama bandwagon and fear mongering over hydrofracking.  The owners of tens of thousands of acres of land have little choice now but to cancel their plans to drill in the government oppressed and economically depressed State of New York.

Here is a portion of a text from someone close to the situation, and obviously adversely affected by Mark’s perpetual state of confusion:

The latest blow was Mark Grisanti’s flip-flop on this issue after  … meetings at which the science behind hydrofracking was fully explained.  Grisanti left the meetings unequivocally supportive of hydrofracking and horizontal drilling. He also promised to invite the staff to testify at the next Senate hearing on the subject.  Of course that never happened.  Since then he has flip-flopped on the issue, obviously having drunk the kool-aid, blinded by the Albany Democratic liberal spotlights.
As I’m sure you’re well aware, 49 of 50 states and 105 countries support hydrofracking.  And 80% of the 38,000 wells that have been drilled in NYS are fracked, without any negative environmental impact.  Yet NYS continues its moratorium on hydofracking.



In a separate case, a judge has now ruled against an owner’s and lessor’s right to utilize their property as they see fit, and has even denied the lessor his $100,000 deposit.  It would seem that since the government does not have the authority to dictate to an owner the use of the property or prohibit any activity on that property, unless they want to give him a fair market price for it, it seems to constitute an unlawful “seizure” of the property for nebulous or otherwise unsettled science:

From the New York Law Journal, article by John Caher:
An upstate judge has barred the Cabot Oil & Gas Corp. from seeking natural gas under a residential subdivision in Sullivan County, and also barred the company from recovering the $99,255 signing bonus it paid to a homeowner for the rights to explore and drill under his property.

Supreme Court Justice James P. Gilpatric, sitting in Sullivan County, permanently enjoined Cabot from “exploring, drilling, producing and marketing oil, and natural gas and other hydrocarbons” from the premises and also said the company should have known that a restrictive covenant would preclude the agreement it reached with the property owner.

Continue reading here:  Explorer for Natural Gas Loses Rights, Money Paid for Them


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2 Responses to Mark “Flip-Flop” Grisanti

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  2. Jay says:

    He’s not a flip-flopper. He’s a decepticon.

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