Victory? Or Victims of Government Greed? [ALERT: 2Aug2011]

Budget Deal Doesn’t Cut Spending
The hubbub is all about a Tea Party success in achieving cuts in the debt limit deal. But all this hullabaloo over spending cuts being added to the package to raise the debt ceiling is nothing more than slowing the rate of spending, because “baseline budgeting” provides for automatic increases. “Has anybody looked at the economic numbers lately??? The whole thing is tanking, and this fiasco of a bill isn’t going to help anything except for Obama’s re-election committee.” ~Rus Thompson,

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly
The Good and Bad of the Debt-Ceiling ‘Deal’
“What a piss poor deal for the American people. I expect soon we will lose the AAA rating and they will blame it on us, the people and the TEA Party.”
~Rus Thompson,

Increasing the Debt Ceiling passed both Houses and Obama officially signed it into law. But instead of achieving the intended result, Gold is suddenly skyrocketing, and the DOW is plummeting. Time to start playing Taps.

REVERSE RELIEF RALLY: Gold Surging, Franc Surging, And Now The Dow Is Getting Demolished

Rus on Bauerle
In response to AP’s Laurie Kelman’s contention that the Tea Party doesn’t know what they want, and doesn’t have a plan, Radio Show Host Tom Bauerle and TEANewYork Spokesman Rus Thompson this morning reiterated the importance of NOT RAISING THE DEBT LIMIT, because we have clearly demonstrated our inability to cover our current debt. Maybe Ms. Kelman is confused by the smoke and mirrors of cuts being added to the package, which Tea Party people recognize as NO CUTS, and in reality, slowing the rate of automatic spending increases, much like Governor Cuomo’s “Tax Cap” scam.

In addition, Rus suggested that
1. We need 34 governors to get the Leg to pass a resolution to force Congress into a Balanced Budget Amendment. Currently, we have 29 Republican governors…if we could just get them and five Dems to stand on principle rather than sinking sand, it would be a solid start to providing some measure of fiscal stability.  Important reading:  Article V of the Constitution – This, we must do.
2. We start with 0, Zero Budgeting. Baseline Budgeting was created during the Nixon years, which again, provides for automatic spending increases. So even if, miraculously, there were no new Obama spending proposals, spending and by extension taxes will continue to go up, as indicated on the graph.  Again, here is the Link: Budget Deals….
3. We need real cuts, because Moody is getting ready to downgrade our AAA rating, because they were looking for..REAL cuts.

The file is here, thanks to Tomm Dean.

Government Gone Wild
A great, sad, pathetic and incredibly disturbing review of some Obama’s spending “necessities.”  Special Interests…EXPOSED!!

Funny Stuff
Johnny Carson in a video skit, playing a politician hooked up to a lie detector machine.

Does This Deficit Make Me Look Fat?
By Carol Peracchio of American Thinker

The Cloudy Ms. Dowd
The always entertaining and woefully confused Maureen Dowd excoriates the Tea Party for calling out the Obama Administration’s rampant spending, and laments that failing to raise the debt ceiling is like the nation’s refusing to pay its mortgage. Helloooo?! It’s more like the nation’s inability to pay it’s mortgage, and it’s refusal to move to a smaller house. We (the Tea Party and our Tea Party leadership in the House) are trying to stop the clueless tax and spenders from driving our Thunderbird off the cliff, yet amazingly, Ms. Dowd suggests the Tea Party is behind the wheel.

“The maniacal Tea Party freshmen are trying to burn down the House they were elected to serve in. It turns out they wanted to come inside to get a blueprint of the historic building to sabotage it.”

Poor, poor pitiful Maureen needs to get a clue.
Tempest in a Tea Party

As you may know, Senator Mike Ranzenhoffer along with Erie County Executive Chris Collins, sponsored Senate Bill S.1813. This bill would allow each county to tailor its Medicaid program to fit the needs of its particular population.

As of June 26, 2011, this legislation was committed to the Senate Rules Committee, but was not put on a Senate agenda before the end of this year’s session. Mike suggested that we contact New York State Senators and Assembly members to make them aware of our support for this legislation, and urge them to support the swift passage of S.1813 as well by making this legislation a priority for next year’s session.

Find your Reps here:
NYS Senator:
NYS Assemblyman:


Dear Senator/Assemblyman,
Senator Mike Ranzenfoffer, along with Erie County Executive Chris Collins, sponsored a Medicaid reform bill known as Senate Bill S.1813 and Assembly companion Bill A2285. This bill would allow each county to tailor its Medicaid program to fit the needs of its particular population, and in doing so, would provide for cost savings in many counties. Are you planning on voting for this bill? If not, please do so.

Thank you –
XXXXX (Sign your name!)

Submitted by Ellie Corcoran. Thank you, Ellie!

When Does Tyranny Become Tyranny?
“The big burning question then, is when is it acceptable to resist the authorities that God, for better or for worse, has appointed over us? When does tyranny become tyranny? At what point did the leaders of the American Revolution decide their rulers were using the power of their office, not to serve them, but to oppress them? How long should a God-fearing populace blindly submit, and when should a person not submit?”
by Jul…Read more here: When Does Tyranny Become Tyranny?

Just Because
Some thoughtful reflection and a little encouragement from Karen Bisso:
“When a country suffers its people into dependency, robs its fathers of their pride in employment, educates its children into acceptance and bridles the dreams of its future generations, how then can it recover? It seems hopeless, yet those who created this nation faced more and stood firm for Providence. We are their sons and daughters.”
Read more here: Just Because.

Eat your Wheaties, we need you healthy and strong!
Rus & Jul


“He gives and takes away, our hearts will choose to stay.”
Blessed be Your Name — by the Newsboys


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