by Michael Connelly

As I celebrated Independence Day 2011 an incredibly depressing thought occurred to me; could this be the last time we celebrate the Fourth of July? In 1776 a Declaration of Independence was adopted by our founding fathers that separated us from the tyrannical rule of the British monarchy. Eleven years later the United States Constitution was drawn up and we embarked on an experiment with a form of government that had never been tried before anywhere in the world. The Constitution stated clearly and emphatically that this was to be a limited government that can only exercise the powers given to it by the people, and that there were certain rights that could not be interfered with  that belong to these same people and to the states they live in.

Now, 235 years later we have a President of the United States and other elected officials who routinely rewrite the Declaration of Independence by leaving out the phrase “endowed by our Creator” when referring to these rights. Instead, they talk about these rights as being granted to us by the government, thereby insinuating that they can be taken away at will by the same government. In addition, we have members of the three branches of government, the executive branch, the legislative branch, and the judicial branch who are choosing to ignore the Constitution entirely in order to impose their will on the free people of the United States.

In just the last few weeks we have had federal officials tell veteran groups at a national cemetery in Houston, Texas that they can no longer exercise freedom of speech or freedom of religion by using the terms God, Jesus, or God Bless at funerals of the men and women who fought and died for our country. Families of active-duty military and veterans who are to be buried in this holy ground must have their prayers get prior approval by some faceless bureaucrats. These same bureaucrats will attend the funerals not to console the grieving families but to make sure that they act in a politically correct manner when grieving.

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