Ugh. Ostrowski’s at it again

Blaming someone else for his own failures.  Will it never end?
Never wasting an opportunity to make enemies of people that should be his closest allies, Jim Ostrowski disputes a Buffalo News article by attempting to further disparage TEANewYork and hold Carl Paladino responsible for the split in the Tea Party movement.

The only split I see happening is with Ostrowski’s 5-man group he is strangely still calling a Coalition, characterized by the incessant complaints he has with anything and everything TEANewYork does.  This “split” is further exacerbated by this “Coalition’s” Chairman Allen Coniglio, who is  a compulsive liar, and who can be found on any given day singing his own praises about his unparalleled integrity, while simultaneously attempting to plant an axe in your back.  That would be anyone reading this who is not Jim Ostrowski … which makes it very interesting that Ostrowski characterizes TEANewYork’s 850+ man membership a “small group, more personality cult than tea party.”  TEANewYork rallies around ideas like Fiscal Responsibility, Constitutionally Limited Government and Free Markets — not personalities like Ron Paul, Ludwig von Mises, David DiPietro or Jim Ostrowski.

We think we’re caught in an episode of The Twilight Zone or Groundhog Day, as he repeats the same mantra about perpetual adversaries Rus Thompson and Nick Langworthy being buddies, of all things, and inferring we’re in bed with the ErieGOP simply because we endorsed the same candidate.  We endorsed Jane Corwin because she is the most conservative Assemblymember in the entire NYS Legislature, and she was the only conservative running in the Special Election for the 26th Congressional District.

He then goes on to regurgitate the same hogwash about the cause of the split, with this old familiar tale:

“The Tea Party Coalition split when Allen and I called a meeting of the Coalition to endorse Dave with Rus complaining that we had failed to consider Jim Domagalski as well. In fact, to the best of my knowledge, and I co-founded the damn Coalition, and organized a press conference where we urged candidates to come forward, Domagalski never sought our endorsement. Not to mention the absurdity of endorsing a political boss over one of our own.  So Rus is angry about a slight to someone he barely knows but he himself remained neutral when his own friend and bona fide tea party activist DiPietro needed his support for state senate.”

Well there’s the fiction.  Now here are the facts:  Ostrowski suggested we have a Convention to vet candidates and we all agreed.  But for some reason, he decided to jump ahead of that, call an urgent meeting to endorse Dave DiPietro over Len Roberto (also a member of the coalition) for the 59th Senate District.  But Len had already decided to drop out of that race and run against Brian Higgins for the 27th CD (which only a few of us were aware of at the time), and Jim Domagalski had just decided to run for the 59th SD.  We wanted to know why Len was among those we were to consider for the endorsement, and Jim Domagalski was not.

Not only had we all agreed to have an open, transparent vetting process, and not to engage in any back-room smokey deals like the parties do, Jim Domagalski had always been fair to us, and we didn’t see any reason why he shouldn’t receive some consideration as well.  Rus stayed out of that discussion, but Ostrowski’s animosity for him runs deep as he blames Rus for all that transpired.  I (Jul) confronted Jim with his non-disclosure (which is not an unforgiveable offense) and wanted to know why he felt it so important to circumvent the process we’d created.  After all, we all favored Dave, and Jim Domagalski would likely have received little support.  But never one to admit a mistake, Ostrowski instead chose to forge ahead with vilifying us.  The mild cancer that had been in remission was back in full force, and five groups chose to walk away.

You might also notice how Ostrowski is no longer referring to this group as a small c coalition, but the Tea Party Coalition with a Capital C.  This is because shortly after we assembled, he insisted on a formal name with him at its head, and even used funds to create a website, duplicating all the work I had already done.  TEANewYork was created as a resource, a reference tool to direct newcomers to like-minded groups, be it political action, policy development, discussion forums, or monthly educational meetings.  We already had a coalition of groups that worked, and continue to work exceptionally well together, and though TEANewYork acts as facilitator, it has taken on a life of its own in the absence of a citizen action arm, and political action separate from the specific goals of Primary Challenge.

As to Ostrowski’s contention that Carl Paladino is responsible for his foibles, Coniglio was out when he threatened Carl with prohibiting him from speaking at a Tea Party Express event unless he endorsed Dave DiPietro, and Ostrowski was out when he failed to adequately produce some simple legal research on the Governor’s Executive Powers.  In addition, Carl acknowledges he made some mistakes in letting GOP operatives handle much of his campaign.  He now says he wishes he had fired all of them after the Primary.

We and Primary Challenge helped propel Jim Ostrowski to gaining alot of positive public exposure, and then he shot himself in the foot — over and over and over again.

Talk about not shooting straight.

About TEANewYork

TEANewYork was established as a resource for many things political, issue-oriented and policy-wise, and for things you can actually do, to actively participate in reforming our severely dysfunctional New York State government. What are you waiting for? Jump on in!
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