Where are the Churches? Part II

by Rev. Leonard A Roberto

There are times when it becomes necessary for honest people to speak honestly without regard to offense.  This is such a time.

The recent passage of the “marriage equality” bill signed into law by the Governor of New York is a travesty.  The institutionalizing of immoral behavior and the forsaking of historical moral values will destroy this country.

How is it that this state has so completely turned its back on Biblical and historical values?

Who was it that put such morally bankrupt people in power?  Who are we to blame for the current state of affairs, and what is next on the agenda of the morally depraved?

In the present instance it is obvious the first and probably the least responsible is Senator Mark Grisanti.  Senator Grisanti campaigned against same sex marriage and carried the voice of a constituency opposed to such a bill.  Mr. Grisanti betrayed his convictions and as many elected to office do, sold his vote and his soul.  Senator Grisanti is a coward and has betrayed his constituency.  Mr. Grisanti deserves no praise for his cowardly stand but rather the contempt of the people that supported him and his pledge to oppose this legislation.

More importantly, the Republican Party leadership is to blame.  Over the last forty years, winning was more important then conviction.  How often has the party selected candidates who do not support their written platform?  That is pro-family, pro-life, and smaller constitutional and  less intrusive government.

The Republican Party was responsible for Mark Grisanti and the other Republican cowards in the Senate that forced this law on all of us.  It is time for the Republican Party to have a gut check.  As a Republican I am willing to fight for the future of our country based on the principles of the party which are in accord with the founding principles of this nation.  I am not however willing to support candidates simply because they carry the name Republican.  Our platform is a matter of conviction and we must never allow political opportunist to carry our name.

The voter or more correctly the non-voter is to blame.  For far too long too many have justified their apathy with the proclamation “my vote doesn’t matter”.   Recent events would suggest otherwise.  In a representative republic your vote is all that does matter.  Voter apathy is a primary contributor to the demise of America.  Voters unwilling to fulfill their responsibilities as citizens contribute to the weakening of America.  Failure to vote is an affront to the men and women that have given their lives to protect this great nation.

Finally, those most responsible, the Pastors and Christians of America.  Convinced by the hellish ideology of “separation of church and state” Christians and Pastors have extricated themselves from public affairs.  This doctrine is neither biblical nor constitutional.

Our great nation was founded on biblical principles, and supported by men in ministry.  Today however, pastors have silenced the voice of the Church.  Fear of reprisal by government agencies or apathetic members of the congregation have caused pastors to forsake the clear mandate of scripture to “teach the whole council of God”.  They have forgotten that they are to “let their light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify our father which is in heaven.”;

Far too many pastors and Christians have hidden themselves behind the walls of our church with our padded pews and air conditioning.  We have forsaken the desperate need of the community at large to hear the word of God and allow the Spirit of God to convince them of sin.

I write to your shame.  You are responsible for passing onto my grandchildren a godless nation.  You are responsible for the continued moral decline of America.  I call you to repent of the evil you have brought on America by your apathy.  I call on you to seek forgiveness of God and pray that He restore America.

They are killing the unborn even to the moment of birth.  They are glorifying abhorrent behavior and forcing acceptance onto our children.  They are teaching the hellish doctrine of evolution as fact with total distain for the Bibles clear teaching of creation with its moral responsibility to the creator.

The great question for the believers and pastors is where is the line to be drawn?  When will the church speak with one voice against the continued evil?

It is my hope that in writing this letter you might understand my great concern and love for you and our nation.  I have and will remain steadfast in opposition to the evil that has taken our country.  I beg each that reads this letter to seek the Lord and plead His mercy for America.

My sincerest regards,

Rev. Leonard A Roberto
Primary Challenge
Alden, New York 14004


About TEANewYork

TEANewYork was established as a resource for many things political, issue-oriented and policy-wise, and for things you can actually do, to actively participate in reforming our severely dysfunctional New York State government. What are you waiting for? Jump on in!
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3 Responses to Where are the Churches? Part II

  1. Tomm says:

    Len’s letter identifies one of the three major obstacles to the growth
    of freedom in our country, specifically voter apathy.

    For best results, we MUST identify and fight these three problems:

    1) Indoctrination of our children in our school systems,
    2) Corrupt and biased media,
    3) An apathetic public regarding the political process.

    May we all enjoy this Independence Day, and commit to preserving our


  2. Insignificant Nobody says:


    We thought taking prayer out of public schools and other public arenas was bad?

    We can never remove God and his Word from society, even “secular” life. He gave it to us for a reason, without question or compromise. He did not need to give us reasons for his words, though we discover after disobedience the reasons – broken marriages, unhappiness, disease, corruption, lawlessness, etc.

    This accepting of homosexuality in marriage is the ultimate slap of God’s face. It goes against the design of man and creation and eternity when looked at from the proper perspective. It attacks and tears apart the foundation of society, the family. God created man. God created woman for man, commanded to be fruitful and multiple and tend to the earth. The man should leave his FATHER and MOTHER and cleave unto his WIFE. The TWO shall become ONE. The church is the Body of Christ. Jesus is the bridegroom and the church is the bride. The entire Bible teaches us the significance of marriage, and the relation of the man, woman, husband, wife, Jesus, church, throughout the entire Word of God. Jesus and the Church will become ONE for eternity, the BODY of Christ. When man rejects this direct message and commands of God, I fear for our society and nation.

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