The Continuing Saga of Spineless Stan Lipsey

The attached shows the maliciousness of an arrogant, condescending, liberal elitist newspaper operated by its spineless and progressive publisher Stan Lipsey that for decades has maligned our Western New York community and is primarily responsible for the dysfunction of the regimes that presently operate our City School system and our City government.  It’s time for carpetbagger Lipsey to get on a bus and go back to Omaha with his greed driven boss Warren Buffet.  ~CP

June 23, 2011

Stan Lipsey
Buffalo News
One News Plaza
Buffalo, New York 14240

Dear Stan:

Hey spineless Stan Lipsey, the Buffalo News has once again slandered me. I won’t go away Stan. Once again, you printed an article repeating the untruths of other irresponsible journalists and Wikipedia, a site that apparently everyone knows is a trash site where any idiot can edit everything. This is clearly malice.  You will resign. It’s all downhill for you from here.  Your liberal, arrogant, and condescending elitism is not wanted in this community.  You are spineless.

You edited and printed my response immediately because you didn’t want to testify that you denied me the right to respond.

I was commissioned from ROTC as a Reserve Officer in the U.S. Army on June 21, 1968 as a Second Lieutenant. I received a deferment for law school and entered active duty on August 5, 1971 with a 2-year active duty obligation.  My orders were Fort Bliss, Texas for 3 months for training and then Fort Lewis, Washington (Vietnam).

Insofar as I was the ranking 1st Lieutenant in my class of about 100 regular and reserve officers in advanced training for air defense artillery, I was appointed Commander of my class. My son was born at Fort Bliss Major Beaumont hospital on September 23, 1971.  Two days later, I read the morning report to my class which included a DOD letter stating that the Army was “riffing” officers because the war in Vietnam was winding down and that all Reserve Officers would receive new orders calling for 3 months of active duty for advanced training and 6 years in the Reserves.

I joined the Army 98th Reserve Division and was based in Amherst, New York, served for approximately 10 years and retired honorably as a Captain.   Every year we had a 2-week active duty requirement at Fort Dix where we took basic training companies of approximately 250 men for 2 of the 6-week basic training cycle and trained them.  In that capacity, I served as Training Officer, Executive Officer or Commanding Officer.  I also at times served as Duty Officer for the entire base of Fort Dix and my Battalion.

I am proud of my military service. I have never stated or represented anything but the above.  Media types like you have attacked my character and records with fabrications and lies.  I have no idea what Wikipedia is or where they received their information. I could care less what some “retired senior officer” at Fort Bliss has to say.  Obviously he knows nothing about the issue or is brain dead.

I’ll drive you to the train station and buy you a ticket back to Omaha Stan if you take Rudnick with you.

Very truly yours,

Carl P. Paladino


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