Where are the Churches?

A late Friday vote is expected in favor of the same-sex marriage bill, which, if we understand correctly, doesn’t actually exist. They plan to use the much overused and abused “Message of Necessity” – a means by which legislation gets pushed through without the required 3 days for Legislative and public review.  You might note our List of Proposals to Reform NYS Government, which recommends

The Governor’s “message of necessity” shall rarely be used, and only exercised when threat to life has been clearly demonstrated.

The Governor plans to use it so our Senators can get back home to their districts by the weekend.  No, really.

Originally, in whatever form it was presented to our dazed and confused Senators, it exempted churches — obviously because a church cannot marry gay couples against its statement of beliefs and doctrinal beliefs, and in so doing, they would violate this very unconstitutional law.  The status Cuomo then pulled those exemptions out of this elusive bill, and some efforts are underway to get those exemptions put back in there.

About 1500 gays are presently in Albany demonstrating in favor of gay marriage, while only about 300 are there opposing it.  Where are the churches?  Why aren’t pastors and priests speaking against this government intrusion into the life of the Church?  This is a matter of principle, not politics.  The only thing that makes this a political issue is that a government that has exceeded its constitutional authority is trying to force this abomination through by fiat.

We’re feeling queasy at the likelihood of this passing, not only because a Godless government is slamming down its iron fist, God’s people are standing down, that our favored Senators have lost their way, and that none of these sort of blatant offenses against God go without judgment — but because now we will be tasked with the great responsibility a running candidates against every one of these Senators that vote in favor of this bill.

We are hard working people with little time to be contending with this nonsense.
God help us.

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TEANewYork was established as a resource for many things political, issue-oriented and policy-wise, and for things you can actually do, to actively participate in reforming our severely dysfunctional New York State government. What are you waiting for? Jump on in!
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3 Responses to Where are the Churches?

  1. Insignificant Nobody says:

    Keep telling the truth! I suspect you are holding back, trying to be nice. Good question, where are the churches? Shame. Don’t worry about how critical you get. The ones that need to hear it are still asleep, so you won’t offend anyone. It will continue to be the few modern-day heroes of the faith that pull us out of this cesspool while others sit back and smile like nothing is happening, or maybe even are saying all is well, don’t get so hot on these things. After all, “these things shall pass.” They always do…

  2. Insignificant Nobody says:

    Another insignificant note – Where were the hearings? Our legislators conduct weeks of hearing for small things, why did they not have hearings, listening and weighing the arguments and FACTS from both sides. No testimony from anybody. They just rammed this through minutes after wording was drafted. I guess they didn’t want to hear from anybody, as some even discovered when they called Albany and found the elected reps’ phone turned off or full of voice mail because they did not listen to messages. So demand WHY NO HEARINGS!!!

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