Two Ways to Make Gay Marriage Pass

We understand Governor Andrew Cuomo, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and NY City Mayor Michael Bloomberg are promising plenty of ca$h to NY Senate members who vote in favor of the same-sex marriage bill, to reassure them in their re-election bids. Because that’s what it’s all about. Money. Certainly not morality, and it’s sad so many believe the lie that it’s all about tolerance and equality.  As a result, the NY Senate GOP is looking for ways to make it pass.  Amazing.  The lack of difference between the parties and their lack of principles never ceases to surprise me.

There are two palatable ways in which the NY Senate GOP may bring gay marriage to pass.

1- Introduce a bill to provide couples in Civil Unions the same privileges and protections as married couples receive. Naturally, the State will then incur an instantaneous mountain of debt, and it will necessitate cutting wasteful spending to accommodate the new benefactors, which should never include raising taxes on the highest taxed people in the nation.

2- Put the issue up for Referendum. Everyone knows our power-hungry Legislature has eliminated Initiative and Referendum as an option for the citizens of the State of New York, and that every year, it comes up for a vote and gets voted down. Why? Because it places the power of democracy in the hands of the electorate, which runs counter to years and years of efforts to take rights away from its citizens. Clearly, matters of faith should not be decided by 212 bureaucrats. For that matter, it shouldn’t even be put to a popular vote, because there are plenty of faithless voters who have no business deciding matters of faith. But the Legislature is so evenly divided, it would be nothing less than tragic if the death of traditional marriage in NYS died in the hands of a single individual.

It’s crucial for every Legislator and everyone “on the fence” to take the time to read this important perspective:  My Gay Friends vs. the Bloody AGENDA


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One Response to Two Ways to Make Gay Marriage Pass

  1. TEANewYork says:

    In his expansive treatise Politics, Aristotle asserts that the starting point of society is the natural union of male and female: it is the family.

    “Such is the natural unfolding of human society. Society doesn’t rest on some kind of social contract that guarantees abstract rights [as many liberals believe], but on the natural union of a husband and wife that binds the past and present to the future with children. So-called “family values” conservatism didn’t begin with modern evangelicals, and it isn’t just one stream of conservative thought; to Aristotle it would have been the very definition of conservatism (or of politics properly understood and practiced), because the family is the real, incontrovertible, natural origin of society.” -Benjamin Wiker, Ph.D – 10 Books Every Conservative Must Read)

    Who are we to argue with, or try to improve upon the wisdom of Aristotle and God?

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