My Gay Friends vs. the Bloody AGENDA [ALERT: 17June2011]

NY’s Gay Marriage Debate
If the Same-Sex Marriage Bill passes in the NYS Legislature, we’re very concerned about the effect it’s going to have on churches.  If a church then refuses to marry on the basis of it being opposed to their statement of faith and doctrinal beliefs, they would then be guilty of violating the law.
(RED ALERT: This is the point at which it is good and acceptable for God’s people to oppose government. Though Romans 1:1 admonishes them to be subject to higher powers, it is not to be abused as a means to beat the populace into submission.  In Acts 5:29 and other Scripture, Christians are clearly instructed to obey God rather than men.)

Though the initial bill protected churches from such an unconstitutional affront, it appears Governor Cuomo decided to take church exemptions out of the same-sex marriage bill — meaning a church would be guilty of violating the law, should they choose not to marry gay couples.  Has the Good Lord intervened in the same-sex marriage Legislative debate?!  Greg Ball of NY SD-40 (Carmel, NY) appears to have changed his position, again.
“Governing from the extreme left or right on policy is simply unfair to the vast majority of New Yorkers who are genuinely motivated by pragmatism and commonsense. If this truly is a priority for the Governor, and not just another throw away effort to jazz up his political base, he needs to take a second look at the real need for religious exemptions. The bill, as it stands now, is an affront to religious organizations and would open up a new era of lawsuits against individuals and religious organizations.”  Feel free to tell Greg Bravo! and Thank You, for standing on principle —

Hallelujah..  Now, our Tea Party endorsed Senator Mark Grisanti (NY SD-60) is suddenly “on the fence” after campaigning on a commitment to defend traditional marriage.  Whether he uses it for leverage or is simply under pressure from a younger indoctrinated and weak-faithed generation, he needs prayer.  We understand the pressure.  Compromises, charges of intolerance, give something to get something, it’s as old as the earth, and nothing new.  Granted, every girl and every elected official needs their Go-To Gay.  But tolerance, or lack thereof, is not what this is all about.  Here’s a perspective:  My Gay Friends vs. the Bloody AGENDA

Tyree Scores Points
Former NY Giant David Tyree defends traditional marriage exceptionally well on CNN today, while the interviewer attempts to batter him, insisting her questioning is not based on opinion but fact.

In the tender words of Carl
“Your Board is and has been a farcical joke with no respect for the weight of responsibility entrusted to you…the system has collapsed into the abyss…one more day of incompetent leadership is an eternity for the children who have been denied an education and the opportunity for a fulfilling life by a corrupt education cabal.”

Read Carl Paladino’s letter to the City of Buffalo Board of Education to demand the resignation of Superintendent James Williams.  Paladino to BPS: Dump Williams

Carl’s Radio Ad
This is currently running on WBEN radio AM 930 in Buffalo.

“This is Carl Paladino. 23 of 61 schools are complete failures. The graduation rate is 47%, 25% for black males, it’s the worst public school district in the State yet we spend $25,500 per year per student…. Racist Florence Johnson has for 20 years protected the corrupt power of the black sisterhood instead of pursuing the best education for our inner city youth. Instead of the best superintendent, no matter what the color, she wants a black superintendent to succeed Williams.”

Read the one minute ad in it’s entirety here:
Carl Paladino’s Latest School Board Ad

Stupid is as Stupid does
In this case, it’s prematurely reporting on stupidity.
You know how Sarah Palin said Paul Revere warned the British?
Well, he did. Now, who looks stupid?
Andrew Malcolm in the Los Angeles Times (hardly a citadel of Palinesque conservativism) came to the former governor’s rescue and pointed out that Revere did indeed warn the Redcoats. Captured by the British (something that usually gets left out of the story), Revere told them — in one case with a pistol to his head — that hundreds of armed Americans were lying in wait. Article here, in the LA Times.

Warning, Warning!
Danger, Will Robinson!
Though I have shared this in a past Alert, it bears repeating for the benefit of people confused by what has transpired in our Special Election for Congressional District  NY-26. Pay particular attention to numbers #1, 3 & 6 — noting for #1, contrary to what an irate tireless minority continues to regurgitate, TEANewYork and all its affiliated groups WERE NOT co-opted by the GOP, simply because we endorsed the same candidate.  Remember, 50 or so of us showed up and unanimously endorsed Jane Corwin… So naysayers can just get that old, tired thought out of their heads.
The 10 Greatest Dangers to America’s Tea Party Movement


Stay strong–

Mountain of God.3rd day
Even though the journey’s long
and I know the road is hard…
I must go through the valley
to stand upon the mountain of God…
~Mountain of God — Third Day


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TEANewYork was established as a resource for many things political, issue-oriented and policy-wise, and for things you can actually do, to actively participate in reforming our severely dysfunctional New York State government. What are you waiting for? Jump on in!
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