Independence Hall Tea Party Endorses Corwin

Independence Hall Tea Party Unanimously Endorses Jane Corwin in NY-26 SpecialElection; Calls Fake Tea Party Candidates Part of a National Democrat Strategy to Mislead Voters   

Philadelphia, PA (May 17, 2011) — The Independence Hall Tea Party PAC Board of Delegates announced, today, that it has voted unanimously to endorse Jane Corwin for Congress in the New York 26th District Special Election to be held next Tuesday, May 24.

This marks only the second time that the Independence Hall Tea Party PAC has endorsed a candidate in a Congressional special election outside its region.

“Our endorsement is a testament to the overwhelmingly positive positions Assemblywoman Corwin has advanced in this campaign, including her commitment to bringing fiscal sanity back to Washington,” said PAC President, Don Adams.

“Assemblywoman Corwin understands that we must bring government spending and taxation under control in order to stimulate the economy and encourage job creation,” Mr. Adams said.

“She also knows that the nation’s private sector economy must be part of an overall solution to help build a strong economy and lasting prosperity–and that America, once and for all–must become energy independent.”

“Her two Democratic opponents–one, a cheerleader for ObamaCare and other big government bailout programs; the other, a fake Tea Party candidate–appear to be teaming up to defeat the principles of responsible government that Ms. Corwin represents.

“Obviously, we are also sending a message to Jack Davis, a three-time Democrat candidate for Congress, that we are onto his phony Tea Party candidacy,” said Mr. Adams.  “We recognize this deceptive Democrat strategy all too well–try to fool the voters into splitting their vote between a conservative Republican and a fraudulent Tea Party candidate so that the “official” Democrat candidate wins.

“Only trouble is, the voters are much smarter than that–and when they discover the attempt to deceive, they punish those involved in the deception.

“One of our endorsed candidates in the 2010 Congressional election, former Philadelphia Eagles star, Jon Runyan, running in the Republican-leaning New Jersey 3rd Congressional District, had to tackle both an incumbent Democratic Congressman, John Adler, and a fake Tea Party candidate recruited by the Adler campaign.

This was an obvious ploy to deceive voters and siphon votes away from the Runyan candidacy.

“Fortunately, in this case, the area Tea Parties were able to discredit the fake tea Party candidate, Peter DeStefano, by disclosing that Mr. DeStefano did not belong to any of the Tea Party groups and had never been seen at a Tea Party event.

“Furthermore, reporter Jane Roh, of the Courier-Post, officially traced DeStefano’s

phony candidacy back to the Adler campaign.  The Adler campaign continued to deny their role in deception through the November 2nd election.”

On election night, Mr. Runyan defeated the popular incumbent, Congressman John Adler, by two percentage points, to become Congressman-elect Jon Runyan (NJ-3).

“Also in 2010 election cycle, in the Pennsylvania 7th Congressional District, the campaign of Democrat candidate Bryan Lentz admittedly helped a fringe Tea Party candidate, Jim Schneller, collect enough signatures to get Schneller’s name on the ballot as a third party candidate,” Adams said.

Again, the attempt to split the conservative vote failed as the PAC endorsed candidate, Republican Pat Meehan, handily won the election.

“Jane Corwin, like Jon Runyan and Pat Meehan before her, will also defeat this cynical campaign strategy on Tuesday, May 24,” said Mr. Adams.  “Assemblywoman Corwin is on her way to becoming the newest member of the 112th Congress and our Tea Party group will do whatever it can to help make that happen.”

(In April, 2010, the PAC voted unanimously to support Tim Burns for Congress in a special election in Western PA.  Mr. Burns lost in a very tight race.  His endorsement was the first issued by the PAC in a special election.  The Independence Hall Tea Party unofficially supported Scott Brown’s successful bid in a Massachusetts US Senate special election.)

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1 Response to Independence Hall Tea Party Endorses Corwin

  1. Don Adams says:

    Thank you Tea New York for being the first Tea Party to endorse Jane Corwin–and for posting our Press Release on your website. We are so sorry Assemblywoman Corwin did not win. Jack Davis’ money bought the election for the Democrats.

    For Liberty,
    Don Adams, President
    Independence Hall Tea Party PAC

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