Heavy Hitters in the 26th

NY 26th: Excitement Peaks as Slaughter and Pelosi Support Hochul and Corwin Receives Support from West and Rubio

By Mike Madigan

Excitement in the race for New York’s 26th Congressional seat has hit a peak like no other as the two leading candidates pull in the truly big hitters in hopes of closing the deal with their voting constituencies from both parties.

Kathy Hochul has received strong support from Liberal Progressives Louise Slaughter, Nancy Pelosi and Charles Schumer seeking to validate her party qualifications for Congress and to motivate her Democrat voting base to get out and vote for the May 24th election.

Jane Corwin received strong support from Tea Party and Conservatives Marco Rubio, Allen West and National TEA Party Organizations seeking to validate her party qualifications for Congress and to motivate her Conservative voting base to get out and vote for the May 24th election.

The Hochul campaign, in the Monroe County area, has been energized by the takeover of the Campaign by Congresswoman Louise Slaughter’s campaign staff as reported May 11th in The Buffalo News. Louise Slaughter and her staff are committed to recruiting Hochul to support their agenda in Congress and to help defend Obamacare and defeat the Ryan Budget plan. Slaughter and her staff are working hard in Monroe to achieve this goal.

The Hochul campaign as well received a strong endorsements and monetary support in New York City this past week where she attended a fund raiser with Nancy Pelosi and Charles Schumer. Pelosi and Schumer are viewed as the top leaders of the Liberal Progressive movement in the house and senate and their support gives Hochul the backing of this movement’s leadership which is essential in motivating her base to vote.

The Corwin campaign has been energized by strong support and endorsements from Conservative Congressman Allen West and Senator Marco Rubio. Both have joined the campaign by recording messages for the voters expressing their strong support for Corwin.  West and Rubio are viewed as top leaders of the Conservative movement in the house and senate and their support gives Corwin the backing of this movement’s leadership which is essential in motivating her base to vote.

The Corwin campaign as well received strong endorsements from TEA Party Groups across the state and Nation. On Monday the TEA Party Express rolled into both Rochester and Buffalo and held a rally and press conference creating real excitement and optimism within the Corwin camp. Additionally TEA New York, TEA Party Nation, Niagara County Conservative Party, Primary Challenge, Conservative Society for Action (CSA) and many other reform and conservative based groups have expressed their support and or endorsement of Jane Corwin in recent weeks. These groups support Corwin’s message of seeking to defund and repeal Obamacare and support the Ryan Budget plan.

Both Hochul and Corwin are presenting their final message to voters and seek to bolster their bases to get out and vote. Both camps are energized as voters shift from undecided and away from third party candidates.  Western New York is once again in the spotlight as an exciting election concludes on May 24th in what will likely prove to be a very close race.

Nancy Pelosi Hits NYC Kathy Hochul Fundraiser

BY Celeste Katz

A helpful reader tips me off that former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi joined much of the New York Democratic establishment at a just-concluded fundraiser for NY-26 hopeful Kathy Hochul on the upper West Side.

“About 120 showed up for the event,” which was hosted by James Simon at his home.

According to the event’s Facebook page, the prices were: Chair: $2,500, Vice Chair: $1000, Patron: $500, Friend: $250.

The original “Special Guests” were advertised as Sen. Chuck Schumer (who’ll also be on the stump with Hochul on Sunday), Reps. Carolyn Maloney and Jerrold Nadler and City Comptroller John Liu.

Also on hand tonight, the tipster reports: State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and former NY-13 Rep. Mike McMahon.

“It seemed as though the only person missing was Andrew Cuomo,” my reader says.

The cash bash was organized by Dynamic SRG.

Interesting that Pelosi was there given that her replacement, John Boehner, just the other day invoked her name as the reason why the district’s voters should elect GOP state Assemblywoman Jane Corwin, not Erie County Clerk Hochul, to replace disgraced NY-26 Rep. Chris Lee.


Slaughter firmly on board Hochul campaign wagon

May 11, 2011 – 6:05 PM | Comment

Congresswoman Louise Slaughter made it clear Wednesday: she is firmly behind Democrat Kathy Hochul’s bid for the 26th Congressional District and has committed her own campaign volunteers to the cause.

After Saturday’s editions of The Buffalo News pointed to the slew of Republican bigwigs campaigning for Republican Jane Corwin and questioned the absence of similar Democratic efforts, Slaughter said she wants to make it clear she is on board.

“She is an incredible candidate,” the Fairport Democrat said, adding she has given the Hochul campaign $1,000 and the services of 10 to 20 volunteers who will man phone banks over the duration of the campaign.

“This is all about getting out the vote,” Slaughter said. “I know people are not accustomed to voting on May 24, so this is the most important thing we can do.”

The congresswoman said her volunteers will work phones in the Monroe County portions of the district that she previously represented in Congress.

“I believe they remember me there fondly,” she said. “I carried every election district when I ran in Greece and I hope we can roust out some people.”

Hints are pouring in from other top Democrats that they also may aid Hochul on the campaign trail.

   –Robert J. McCarthy, Buffalo News

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1 Response to Heavy Hitters in the 26th

  1. Don Adams says:

    On May 16, 2011, Jane Corwin received the unanious endorsement of the Independence Hall Tea Party PAC Board of Delegates.

    The Endorsement release can be read @ http://www.IndependenceHallTeaPartyPAC.com.

    We look forward to a Jane Corwin victory on Tuesdy, May 24!

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