Goofus & Gallant [ALERT:17May2011]

After Action Report

The TEA Party Express Came to Buffalo to Endorse Corwin and Clear the Air on Davis… and most of our local Braindead Media could have cared less.  They did as media does, and reported mostly on non-essentials.  At least 50 members of TEANewYork and its affiliates showed up (including Cattaraugus, Broome and the newly formed Tri-County Tea Party) but none were mentioned, shown on camera or interviewed, at least in the Channel 2 report.  Dave Mckinley was more interested in talking about the infamous video of former Marine Jack Davis being assaulted with charges of “coward!” while leaving a gathering of military men, and the bounty on the perpetrator’s head. Then, instead of reporting on what was actually taking place, he found Davis’ Chief Babbler outside having a tete a tete with Amy of the TPX, calling her a carpetbagger, and trying to make a case for why Liberalism is foundational to the Tea Party platform.

Leave it to the LA Times to get it right —  YNN and WBEN’s Steve Cichon also had good reports. Note:  Contrary to the report, TNY did not originally endorse David Bellavia.  You might recall he never made it onto the ballot.

Meanwhile Davis’ Compulsive Liar in Charge was wandering around the parking lot in the pouring rain, detaining TNY members on their way into the press conference for 20 minutes at a time, telling them how evil and unprincipled we all are, actually naming figures we are allegedly getting paid (Our salary: $0.  Actually, it’s in the negatives, all things considered.)

I swear, compared to his campaign staff (and opposing campaign staffers), Jack Davis looks like an angel. Or a mighty man of valor.

You may want to bookmark the TEANewYork blog.   A story is festering in my head about an agent of chaos in a ridiculous pin-striped suit, and it may be time to hand out some preliminary dumb, dumber and dumbest awards.

Tea Party Nation also endorsed Corwin, only they got it wrong when they said we despise Davis.  We have respect for Jack Davis, his service to our country and his accomplishments as a successful businessman.  We just don’t like him running under the Tea Party name on the ballot, in an effort to deceive voters.

Here’s a refresher on why we’ve endorsed Jane, and why we didn’t endorse Jack.

Jack Davis: The First Tea Party RINO? 
Pajamas Media ^ | May 15, 2011 | Sam Foster

Recall the history of Dede Scozzafava and Doug Hoffman in NY-23, and how the Tea Party was instrumental in ousting a Republican with a very liberal voting record in the Primary.  Though there are interesting similarities, at the direction of Jim Ostrowski, NY-26 is now running a Republican with very liberal positions against who he calls an “establishment” Republican — not so convincingly named because of her very conservative voting record.  Read it here.

Bellavia’s Confusing Diatribe
Posted on May 15, 2011 by Jul at TEANewYork

Did you get a funny letter from David Bellavia, asking you to throw Jane Corwin under the bus to punish two people helping her campaign?  Did it leave you scratching your head a little? Well, here’s probably why:  Bellavia’s Confusing Diatribe.

TEA Party vs. Fraudulent TP in NY-26 ^ | May 14, 2011 | Rus Thompson 

An excellent article by Rus:
“This congressional race in the NY 26th is more important than just “Party” politics… if lost will have national implications as we move into the 2012 elections. If Corwin loses this, it will be seen as a major loss and a blow to the TEA Party movement across the country. This will embolden the Democrats and I can hear it now, the people in a Republican district have spoken. They have elected a Democrat to represent them. A Democrat could win in a district with over a 27,000 voter registration advantage. How? Because of vengeance politics.” 
Read more here.

Jane Corwin Signs The Repeal Pledge
By Frank Seabrook, Suffolk County Liberty Report

“Williamsville, NY — Jane Corwin, the conservative Republican congressional candidate in next week’s special election, has signed the Repeal Pledge to undo ObamaCare. In doing so, Corwin becomes the only candidate in the special election to sign The Repeal Pledge.” Continue reading here

Events Coming up
The NFCRC is having a dinner to Celebrate Our Veterans this Thursday.  You might remember its Chairman Bob Krause, who had 30 seats to fill on his committee, and wants to fill them with all Tea Party people
…. He still has 28 seats to fill, and you only have to live in the 138th Assembly District.  Only Tom & Rita Larson have stepped up to the plate.  It’s not hard work — would you consider joining too?  Dinner info is as follows:

Celebrate Our Veterans — Annual Dinner
La Salle Yacht Club
73 South 68th Street Niagara Falls, NY Thursday, May 19, 2011

6:00 PM
Tickets: $50/person, $90/couple, $350/table of 8
$55/person at door

Tickets are $30 for Veterans
More info & map here

Niagara Patriots Monthly Meeting
Monday, May 23, 2011

7:00 PM 

Info here

Monthly Prayer Meeting
Wednesday, June 8, 2011
7:00 PM, at the Weyands

Info here

Erie County Patriots Meeting
Monday, June 13, 2011
6:30 PM
Info here

Tuesday, May 24, 2011
Volunteers are always welcome at HQ:
Corwin Campaign Headquarters
8234 Transit Road Williamsville, NY
9am to 9pm from now til E-Day.

To help with calls:
Phone: (716)220-6838
Info here

U.S. Hits Debt Limit
“Republicans have largely embraced Speaker John Boehner’s (R-Ohio) call for spending cuts equal to the nearly $2 trillion debt limit increase that President Barack Obama is asking for.” Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) wants to continue the spending spree, of course, strapping us with generations and generations of debt.  Read the rest here:

Hang tight!
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Our Daily Bread — May 17, 2011
Alternatives to Revenge


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    I notice the links no longer work.. so here’s a tip: Don’t use Intuit Marketing for your mass email program, and if you do, recreate all your links if you post your Alerts on your blog…. Also Intuit somehow became Vertical Response, who now charges a considerable monthly sum for a mediocre service. I understand Mail Chimp is free….

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