Bellavia’s Confusing Diatribe

One of the truly beautiful things about the Tea Party Movement is that it is comprised of so many thoughtful, intelligent people, many of whom were previously unacquainted with politics.  They saw a need, and they stepped up to the plate, and went where few men and women were willing to go.  Like a revival, the Spirit no doubt filled their hearts, and as good stewards and servants of their King, they didn’t question the risk, and simply obeyed.  They quickly gave themselves an education, and we have been literally stunned with the vast and in depth knowledge on a variety of critical subjects, of people like Christine H, Debbie K, Joanne Z, Mike, John, Sandy, Karen B, Sheryl T, Amy D, Laura Y, Laurie K, Al B, Tomm, Ellie and so many others.  But nothing really prepared us for the unrelenting assaults, ugly attacks, lies and baseless accusations that are leveled against us from people who are supposed to be our friends and natural allies.  Except the Truth, which is a very liberating thing.

And nothing really properly prepares us to explain the behavior and political manipulations of people who are motivated primarily by power, money, vengeance and retribution.  That’s just not a language we speak.

Take for example the following letter from David Bellavia, former candidate for the 26th Congressional District.  David was so damaged by the false allegations waged against him by Erie County GOP Chair Nick Langworthy, that he chose to endorse 3rd party spoiler Jack Davis instead of authentically conservative and GOP endorsed candidate Jane Corwin, simply for spite.  Nothing in the letter can be disputed.  It is all fact.  Even the part at the end where he says some of the people helping Jane’s campaign will do anything to kill the Tea Party Movement, though probably unbeknownst to Jane. What the letter doesn’t say is that they, many of those who support Jack Davis, are also doing everything they can to kill the Tea Party Movement, at least in this area.  It doesn’t embrace their progressive libertarian anarchist ideology.  And it doesn’t vilify anyone and everyone associated with existing parties as part of the “Machine.”

This letter was in actuality, probably written by former ineffective Paladino Campaign Manager Michael Caputo on behalf of David Bellavia, who knows full well that a Jack Davis split may spell a liberal Democrat Kathy Hochul win.  But that is a risk they are only too willing to take, if it means the demise of people like Nick Langworthy, however unlikely. As a shill for Cuomo’s superficial reforms, Caputo has met his fiercest opposition in the Tea Party.  Many of us refuse to back down, because we realize unnecessary compromise is what has gotten us into this disastrous economy in the first place.  Just  like his cohorts in the 5-man band that call themselves a tea party coalition, he works with those who agree with him and tries to destroy those who don’t, even it means fabricating distortions to confuse people and further his own personal agenda.  It’s not personal.  It’s politics.  And personally? It hurts my heart.

I for one, would love to see dishonest and painfully moderate slowpokes like Nick Langworthy step down.  But this is NOT the race to wage that war. This race has much greater implications than some people realize.  This goes far beyond a local pissing contest.  If Democrat Kathy Hochul wins this race, this will be seen on the national level as a major defeat for the Tea Party, and it will only energize the National Democrats for the 2012 Elections.


Dear Tea Party Colleague:

Before you get involved in the special election in NY-26, there’s something you need to know.

Jane Corwin’s two top advisers defrauded Carl Paladino to shove combat veteran Gary Berntsen out of the 2010 US Senate race.

In fact, when they were caught, Erie County GOP chairman Nick Langworthy and Corwin’s campaign manager Chris Grant lied to me about it.

Why would you help Langworthy and Grant, when they hate the Tea Party so much that they would do this – potentially a criminal felony fraud – to push their establishment candidate for US Senate over Carl’s choice: my friend Gary Berntsen.

As Rus Thompson of TEA New York wrote: “[They] fancied themselves independent political operatives and clandestine master manipulators, and spent a small fortune of Carl’s money WITHOUT HIS KNOWLEDGE OR APPROVAL, for a large lit drop naming Jay Townsend as the Paladino endorsed candidate. We caught wind and squelched the effort as best we could, and Carl issued an urgent press release confirming Berntsen as the Paladino endorsed candidate…[but Gary] Bernsten got screwed.”

Before you lift a finger to help these two anti-veteran Corwin advisers manipulate this election, too, be sure to read the whole story here:

I urge you: don’t help the people that will do anything – anything – to kill the Tea Party movement.

In Freedom,
Staff Sergeant David Bellavia
US Army, Ret.


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13 Responses to Bellavia’s Confusing Diatribe

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  2. Al Matteo says:

    What doesn’t make sense to me is why would you want to see a liberal democrat given the office just to get even with 2 behind the scenes guys. Hochul isn’t tea party. Davis isn’t either. At least Corwin comes close to our positions. Davis will not win. He will only allow Hochul to win.

    In any case I think the committe people in Erie County need to stand up to and have Langworthy removed. He has shown that he lacks the skill to do the job. Corwin should have been a slam dunk. Only his massive incompetence has made the race this close.

    • Tony Matuszak says:

      One needs to understand Liberty and core causes to make sense. This nation is in big trouble and “positions” are meaningless in the big picture.

      The big trouble is not caused by two guys but by massive party power. Sounds more like you don’t want to fight the bad guys but keep the same status quo consistently going.

      We need people in office who will not be soldiers for what maintains the status quo. That’s a movement. Tea Party principles for a movement are here – – by Pastor and Patriot 2008 Constitution Party Presidential candidate Chuck Baldwin.

      The committee people, nor Republicans in Erie County didn’t want to stand up last year why should they now? It seems Erie County Republicans have no problem with accepting voting and endorsements from the parties secret government (the executive committee).

      I have made it very clear to my town and the county party, my districts constituents, people in general, and you, that there can be “No Representation without Identification”. When things go bad, the angry people won’t be after me because they will know that “I am not one of them.”

      Incompetence didn’t make the race close, another person running in the race did.

      • TEANewYork says:

        Conservative representation is not the status quo. Continuing down the destructive path of Keynesian economics like Davis wants is the status quo. There are alot of reformers who are also committeemen – even Chairmen! Bob Krause of the Niagara Falls City Republican Committee has 30 seats to fill, and he wants ALL Tea Party people. I know a couple on your town committee, who indicated you made it clear you assumed the worst of them too. (I didn’t bring you up in conversation, they did.) Believe me Tony, they’re not all evil, simply because they choose to work from the inside out.

  3. rustlemeup says:

    You should’ve ended here: “Nothing in the letter can be disputed. ” before you insulted David by claiming he wasn’t capable of writing this letter by himself. He’s man enough and smart enough to speak for himself. And to say that he’s letting himself be used to shill for Cuomo is ridiculous and petty.
    Maybe not all tea partiers walk in lockstep like the GOP does. Ever thought of that?

    • TEANewYork says:

      I said Caputo is a shill for Cuomo’s superficial reforms, not David, and I certainly didn’t insinuate David isn’t capable of writing his own letters, simply because he allowed Caputo to write this one for him. We didn’t endorse Corwin to follow the GOP’s lead, we endorsed her because she is the most conservative candidate in this race.

    • TEANewYork says:

      ..and don’t forget, we couldn’t endorse David, because he never made it onto the ballot.

  4. Paul fitz says:

    So you choose to support Jane (who is probably as dirty Caputo) because she is the lesser of two evils, that makes no sense to me. Those old sayings like “better the devil you know than the devil you don’t know” and “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” seems to be what TeaNY is going on here. Unfortunately, those philosophies are dead wrong. Corwin is no conservative neither is Davis. I say let the chips fall where they may. Just like an alcoholic, the republican party HAS to hit rock bottom before you can expect any change. It might as well start hear and now. If we conservatives continue to support these big government RINO’s (like almost all of the republicans in power) our true conservative movement is DEAD.

    In the survey, conducted by the nonpartisan research organization Project Vote Smart, Corwin indicated support for the following statements:
    – Abortions should be legal only within the first trimester of pregnancy. WRONG
    – Abortions should be legal when the pregnancy resulted from incest or rape. WRONG
    – Abortions should be legal when the life of the woman is endangered. WRONG

    The wrong person(s) was endorsed in this election….lets let the repugs know they are/have screwed up.
    Say no to CORWIN, DAVIS, and HOCHUL if you are a true conservative, sit this one out and let the chips fall where they may. 2012 is just around the corner and this seat will be up for election again, then perhaps the RIGHT (pun intended) person will be nominated in this district.

    • TEANewYork says:

      We just don’t see Jane as evil. Evidently, neither does any of the membership who opted to show up on April 7th, and vote unanimously to endorse her. Feedback is always good. You should join the Googlegroup Discussion Forum. Just contact Sandy at

    • TDS says:

      “- Abortions should be legal when the life of the woman is endangered. WRONG”

      So let me get this straight: you support killing a woman by forcing her not to kill a toxic fetus. Even if that means the fetus will die as well. You’d rather kill two human lives than one. If you seriously think that is a pro-life position, you are WRONG.

      I certainly do not agree with abortion in general and think Roe v. Wade was among the worst decisions in Supreme Court history, but this kind of position is pure dogmatic lunacy. Of all the times abortion could be considered, that is about the only one in which there shouldn’t be much debate that the woman should have a say– when her own life is at risk.

      But then again, this could be a concern troll. The term “repug” is common in Democratic and liberal circles.

  5. Al Matteo says:

    I was talking about the situation with David. At the Niagara Co. event I attended David talked a lot about Tea Party. Why support someone who is NOT at all tea party just to get even with 2 guys, or even 6 or 7?

    Tony, while I agree with the fact that there are problems with the party, just being right isn’t always enough. The idea is to change the way people think and if no one will listen to you, what good will it do? A lesson from history – Franklin and Adams had the same goal on their mission to France (to get French support for the revolution). Who made it happen? The diplomat or the non-diplomat? The Diplomat. Adams was so impatient that he was removed from France.
    There is a time and a place for impassioned rhetoric and one for diplomacy. The wise man knows when it is time for which.

    If the machine supports the most tea party of all the candidates why support a non-tea party candidate just to spite them and Jack Davis is not tea party! I saw the Peter Schiff video you put up. If Peter is right (and he is) how can you support Davis?

    See my take:

  6. Cheryl Delano says:

    Dear Jul,
    The Cheektowaga Tea party is greatly saddened that ANY candidate forced on the people by as you put it so mildly….dishonest Langworthy ..would in any way get ANY endorsement from ANY “Tea”. That is not a pissing contest….that is the process of career politics at its utmost power formula. We were supposed to focus on ridding ourselves of this kind of party control…and lift new TEA non incumbent members to these postions to represent the common man. To endorse a person who was decided in any way has no implications against the Tea party other than it is no better than any other corrupt established line and therefore induces a why bother attitude again from voters. Your edorsement has left the message that the party is just as willing to compromise as any corrupt politician out there. Your endorsement does not prove a failing for the Tea but empowers the DISHONEST Langworthy even more to manipulate the teas into endorsing his and his secret crew “players” as is the custom of any party. As I said to Rus face to face and again now in writing…if you dont stand firm against this and them….all the Langworthys then might as well consider yourself nothing more than a coffee kaltch club and are no real guiding force. We here in Cheektowaga backed a young new veteran non incumbent. When that failed we refused to compromise and settle for ANY other. We prefer to stand on that decision..if wrong..100% wrong but a unified unmovable unswayable un”PLAYABLE” force for the cause of our Constitution. We may well loose this seat. It not a majority seat. But what we established in the eyes of who is looking..(and we never know who is watching) ..we will not support a dishonest leader ..nor his dishonest candidates. I hope that is a message to them. I hope that statement stirs a few in your group to return to their first love…their first focus. Get incumbents and those networked to them out of office. We were to be watchmen on the wall against them…not settle for their “players”…or their plays. The Jack Davis harrassment is tasteless and very unbecoming ANY Tea…and if anyone should know this it should be Carl. The Tea candidate should be able to eliminate his opponent by his honesty and dedication to the cause of representing the people on a common level with his constituents. That is recognised and rewarded at the polls. That kind of antic is a complete insult to the American voter and disgusts us all. To have ANY of it equated to any Tea is a shame.
    If this kind of comapaign would not earn ANY TEA support of ANY kind this would rapidly disappear. I strongly urge you and your members to distance yourselves from any endorsement any dishonest person/chair/leadership and refocus on finding new fresh focused non incumbent candidates from within your members and let the established parties come to TEA endorsements and not be used the other way around! We are We the PEOPLE and WE can positively effect “politics” if we dont allow ourselves to be infiltrated, divided, and used.

    • TEANewYork says:

      I’m sorry Cheryl, I wasn’t aware of a Cheektowaga Tea Party. You didn’t have to live in the district, you could have come to participate in the endorsement process for the 26th CD.

      Which TEA candidate did you help lift to represent us, which we turned away? We offered to help Bellavia, did you? When he didn’t get onto the ballot, we chose Jane Corwin, because she most closely represents our values and has the most conservative voting record in the entire NYS Legislature, according to Unshackle Upstate. Our endorsement has nothing to do with Langworthy, who I believe you presume too much power and authority upon. He’s temporary and unqualified, at best.

      Our mission is about reform and helping to secure more conservative representation, not about throwing a great candidate under the bus to punish one or two bad guys.

      I remember feeling as you and Den do, and others who believe they’re standing on principle by giving the seat to Hochul, the first couple of times we ran. It was painful and it hurt our pride. All we wanted was retribution. But vengeance is not ours.

      That time will come.

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