Jack Davis is NOT a Genuine Tea Party Candidate

Jack Davis is NOT a Genuine Tea Party Candidate

In New York’s 26th Congressional District, a Special Election is being held on May 24th, 2011 to fill the seat formerly held by Rep. Chris Lee.  New York State Election Law allows any candidate, with or without a major party endorsement, to run on an independent ballot line with a name of their choosing, provided they obtain the requisite number of valid signatures.  The Jack Davis Campaign has chosen to run in this Special Election on the Tea Party line, despite the objections of many area Tea Party groups, whose endorsement was not sought prior to the petition process, and whose values are not shared by Mr. Davis.  Conflicting issues include his opposition to the Wisconsin Legislature’s efforts to reign in collective bargaining activity, “balancing” trade by raising tariffs and significantly raising the costs of imported goods to American consumers, his dedication to Keynesian economics, his opposition to defunding Planned Parenthood and his refusal to commit to a ban on partial-birth abortion.  As such, it is felt the Tea Party line has been hijacked, and is being used as a deceptive tool to mislead inattentive voters.

TEANewYork, the largest Tea Party organization in Western New York, has voted unanimously to endorse Jane Corwin for the 26th Congressional District seat.  As a two year member of the New York State Assembly, Mrs. Corwin has received the second highest rating from the NYS Conservative Party, and the highest rating from the pro-business reform organization Unshackle Upstate.  She is dedicated to the principles of small, fiscally accountable and constitutionally limited government, and is committed to easing burdensome taxing and regulation placed upon businesses.  Mrs. Corwin opposes Cap and Trade, Obamacare and TARP bailouts, and she understands that a healthy private sector is the primary engine that drives a sound economy, and the foundation upon which jobs are created.

Jul Thompson
Co-Organizer, TEANewYork


About TEANewYork

TEANewYork was established as a resource for many things political, issue-oriented and policy-wise, and for things you can actually do, to actively participate in reforming our severely dysfunctional New York State government. What are you waiting for? Jump on in!
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9 Responses to Jack Davis is NOT a Genuine Tea Party Candidate

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  2. Bill Stork says:

    How did Davis obtain “the requisite number of VALID signatures” to allow him to mis-represent himself as the Tea Party candidate? Exactly who’s signature(s) is(are) VALID? Shouldn’t it be required that 1. the chosen affiliation is actually an “official”registered party (which the Tea Party is NOT to my understanding)? and 2. “official” leaders of said party be required to verify the endorsement. This is a recipe for FRAUD and it will not stop here! Election laws need to be changed!

  3. TEANewYork says:

    Davis actually hired a professional petition gathering firm out of Chicago, who hired local people at $20 an hour to get signatures for him. Since it was an Independent Nominating Petition, anyone of any party or no party could sign, as long as they were a registered voter. People signed, simply because they didn’t know any better.

    The only way to establish the Tea Party as an official party is to get 50,000 votes on a Tea Party line in a gubernatorial race. A majority of TP people objected to an official Tea Party, so we created the Taxpayer line for Carl Paladino to run on — unfortunately, we only got about 28,000 votes on that line. If we’d gotten 50,000, the Taxpayer Party would have become an official Party like any other — it would only need to receive another 50,000 votes on that line in the next gubernatorial race to remain.

    As to preserving the Tea Party line for only true Tea Party candidates, we are working on creating a statewide leadership panel of some sort, the details of which are very sketchy at this point. We are also considering creating a more established structure, and someone suggested the AAA model, which looks very do-able.

  4. Bill Stork says:

    I guess the intrinsic beauty of the Tea Party lies in the unstructured nature of its many “chapters” and their independance from the bureaucracy that arises in the process of said “structurization”. However, therein also lies its weakness. In order to have power/influence in the political world it is necessary to speak in one unified unambiguous voice that represents the majority opinion of multitudes. Towards this end it seems that a more structured “official” organization is needed. Can anyone suggest how this apparent dichotomy could be avoided?

  5. TEANewYork says:

    Well, generally we do speak in a unified, unambiguous voice! I’m unsure as to how many other areas have groups that are willing to run RINO’s to defeat good conservative candidates, but my guess is virtually none but here. The group here that calls themselves the Tea Party Coalition is a small, estranged group of dishonest, narcissistic and vindictive pseudo-intellectuals who fancy themselves great military commanders. Void of compassion, they see people as parts of the Machine that they’ve decided is the single most destructive force to their way of life, apparently beyond Liberalism, and as such, they consider losing NY-26 to another tax and spend Obama Democrat a victory, and a successful coup.

    I’m guessing we would be hard-pressed to find another actual Tea Party group that shares their twisted thinking.

    • Bill Stork says:

      If, as you say, you do speak in a unified and unambiguous voice – how are your viewpoints, affiliations, philosophies and endorsements formulated? Is this done by majority vote at your meetings? Thanks for your patience while I learn the ropes.

  6. Bill Stork says:

    Is the group called the “Tea Party Patriots” the national parent group of TEA New York? I’m still trying to understand the overall structure of the movement.

  7. TEANewYork says:

    No, we don’t have a parent group, though for national Tea Party groups, we identify most closely with the Tea Party Patriots — mostly because some of the others (we believe) are more closely affiliated with the Republican Party than they are genuinely dedicated to reform.

    Our mission statement mirrors that of most other genuine Tea Party organizations —
    http://www.teanewyork.com/Mission-and-Projects.html — and as such we encounter little to no conflict with other state and national groups. Though our endorsements are open to a specified majority of votes (as enumerated in our own established rules) to any number of members that choose to attend, we have an 8-man Board of Directors that helps to decide other issues.

    We have many affiliated groups in the area that meet monthly, so we have chosen not to meet regularly, though we do have various events throughout the year. Much of our communication is done on-line and especially through the two discussion forums, so make sure you sign on there. In both, you can create discussions of your own, and a multitude of people are available to provide the answers!

    For the TEANewYork Googlegroup, just contact Sandy at sstypick@yahoo.com.
    For the Meetup, just go here and log in: http://www.meetup.com/TEA-New-York/

  8. TEANewYork says:

    Le-gal In-sur-rec-tion
    False Flag Tea Party Candidate in NY-26?
    Posted by William A. Jacobson
    April 6, 2011

    Left Coast Rebel
    Months after Tea Partiers were Protesting, Jack Davis was supporting progressive politicians
    By Sam Foster

    Intra-Tea Party tussle in NY-26
    David Catanese
    March 25, 2011

    Roll Call
    Tea Party Leaders Ask Davis to Exit N.Y. Special
    By Kyle Trygstad
    March 25, 2011, 5:57 p.m.

    Jack Davis (FAKE-CAND, NY-26) thinks Tea Partiers are idiots.
    BY Moe Lane
    Mar 24, 2011

    …documenting for the public record…

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