Hot Topics in the 26th CD [ALERT:11May2011]

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Race to the Finish

Money Flows to New York Race
By Steve Peoples — Roll Call
“American Crossroads, the outside group developed in part by Karl Rove little more than a year ago, dropped a bomb Tuesday. Two weeks before voters head to the polls, the organization dumped $650,000 into the race to reserve two weeks of broadcast and cable television advertising in the Buffalo and Rochester media markets. Crossroads released an ad Tuesday night that targets Jack Davis, a former Democrat running on the “Tea Party” ballot line and complicating Republican Jane Corwin’s path to victory.”

Jack Davis ad

Crossroads Ad Labels Davis as ‘Millionaire Career Candidate
By Melanie Starkey — Roll Call
“American Crossroads hammered at Jack Davis, the third-party candidate in the special election for New York’s 26th district, in a television advertisement released Tuesday evening….The ad labeled Davis as a “millionaire career candidate” and accused him of “pretending to be conservative.”

Jack supports taxes

Third Party Candidate
in NY Special, Loans Campaign $2.1M So Far

By Steve Peoples
“As outside groups dump money into western New York largely to attack him, third-party candidate Jack Davis has loaned his campaign an additional $500,000, according to campaign records filed this week with the Federal Election Commission.”

Breaking  Up
Rochester Radio Talk Show Host Bob Lonsberry is breaking up with Jack Davis.

“In an attack ad, he said that his GOP opponent, Jane Corwin, was going to get rid of Medicare and replace it with vouchers.  He was trying to scare old people, by telling them that Corwin was going to take away their healthcare. The ad came out a day or two after “The New York Times” ran a story saying that fear of Medicare reform was weakening Corwin and strengthening her Democrat challenger.  The “Times,” as it turns out, is wrong on that, but Jack Davis was along for the ride. And his millions are drilling people’s minds right now with the belief that Jane Corwin is going to kill Medicare.  Which is a dishonest and immoral distortion. It not only slams a candidate, it far more significantly slams the best hope we have of saving our country from insolvency and collapse.”

Poll Shows Democrat Hochul With Lead in N.Y. Special”
A new poll showed Democrat Kathy Hochul has become the unlikely leader
in a tight three-way New York special election, with just 15 days to go until
Election Day…. Specifically, Hochul led Corwin 35 percent to 31 percent,
with third-party candidate Jack Davis taking 24 percent. PPP surveyed
1048 likely voters May 5-8. The poll, commissioned by [the ultra-] liberal
website Daily Kos and the Service Employees International Union, had a
margin of error of 3 points.”

Slanting the poll to get support from National Democrats, no doubt.
Hochul Leads, according to Liberals…

Hochul on Pelosi

Hochul on Pelosi:
“She’s done a great job for this country.”

Jack Davis is NOT a Genuine Tea Party Candidate

In New York’s 26th Congressional District, a Special Election is being held on May 24th, 2011 to fill the seat formerly held by Rep. Chris Lee.  New York State Election Law allows any candidate, with or without a major party endorsement, to run on an independent ballot line with a name of their choosing, provided they obtain the requisite number of valid signatures.  The Jack Davis Campaign has chosen to run in this Special Election on the Tea Party line, despite the objections of many area Tea Party groups, whose endorsement was not sought prior to the petition process, and whose values are not shared by Mr. Davis.  Conflicting issues include his opposition to the Wisconsin Legislature’s efforts to reign in collective bargaining activity, “balancing” trade by raising tariffs and significantly raising the costs of imported goods to American consumers, his dedication to Keynesian economics, his opposition to defunding Planned Parenthood and his refusal to commit to a ban on partial-birth abortion.  As such, it is felt the Tea Party line has been hijacked, and is being used as a deceptive tool to mislead inattentive voters.

TEANewYork, the largest Tea Party organization in Western New York, has voted unanimously to endorse Jane Corwin for the 26th Congressional District seat.  As a two year member of the New York State Assembly, Mrs. Corwin has received the second highest rating from the NYS Conservative Party, and the highest rating from the pro-business reform organization Unshackle Upstate.  She is dedicated to the principles of small, fiscally accountable and constitutionally limited government, and is committed to easing burdensome taxing and regulation placed upon businesses.  Mrs. Corwin opposes Cap and Trade, Obamacare and TARP bailouts, and she understands that a healthy private sector is the primary engine that drives a sound economy, and the foundation upon which jobs are created.

Rus Thompson
Co-Organizer, TEANewYork


Sent to the national media, because the local media refuses to pick it. We suspect the Buffalo Snooze likes Jack pulling votes from Jane, in hopes of Kathy Hochul pulling out ahead.

Wednesday Morning
Dear Friend,
I’m still mad as hell, but this time it’s because Jack Davis is lying.
I’m mad as hell because he’s claiming to be a Tea Party candidate, while supporting Nancy Pelosi, endorsing Barack Obama and supporting radical liberal policies like partial birth abortion.
He flew in a company from California to get voters’ signatures and create a fake Tea Party line on the ballot for the May 24 Special Election for New York’s 26th Congressional District, despite being told that the Tea Party represents a movement, not a political party.
Jack Davis supported partial birth abortion.  Like Nancy Pelosi, he believes taxpayers like you should fund abortions, even if you don’t agree with it.
Jack Davis spent nearly $9 MILLION of HIS OWN MONEY to run as a Democrat for Congress THREE TIMES before.
Democrat Jack Davis also said he “couldn’t be happier” that he had a hand in creating Nancy Pelosi’s Democrat majority in Congress in 2006, which gave us trillions of dollars in new debt and millions of lost jobs.
Democrat Jack Davis also endorsed Barack Obama for President and took $6,000 from him during one of Davis’ runs as a Democrat. Jack Davis also took $7,000 from the disgraced Democrat Rep. Charlie Rangel.
He may be running as a Tea Party candidate, but don’t be fooled – JACK DAVIS IS A DEMOCRAT.
That’s why Jane Corwin needs your help.
Jane Corwin is the only candidate in the race who will fight to cut spending, shrink government, and grow the private sector.
Like me, Jane comes from the private sector and is a business person. She spent more than 36 years helping to grow her family’s business – The Talking Phonebook – and create hundreds of jobs here in Western New York.
Jane understands that Washington is at a crossroads. She understands that we need to focus on cutting wasteful spending and strengthen the economy to create American jobs, and end the borrow-and-spend philosophy that Democrats like Jack Davis support. We can’t afford for Democrat Jack Davis to continue to support Nancy Pelosi’s economic policies which have racked up more than $14 trillion in debt and given us annual $1.5 trillion deficits.
Jane received unanimous endorsements from the Republican, Conservative, and Independence parties.
Most importantly, Jane has been endorsed by TEA New York and the Tea Party Express.
I hope that on May 24th, you’ll support Jane Corwin for Congress. I know that she will be an outstanding Representative for hard working Western New Yorkers.
Paid for And Approved by Jane Corwin For Congress

Official Proof
And here’s a bonus gift for you:  Proof positive that  Obama’s new birth certificate is a fake.  Anyone familiar with Adobe Illustrator can open it up in that program, and it will reveal that multiple layers that have been edited to create a new image.  No surprise there.


About TEANewYork

TEANewYork was established as a resource for many things political, issue-oriented and policy-wise, and for things you can actually do, to actively participate in reforming our severely dysfunctional New York State government. What are you waiting for? Jump on in!
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