Carl Paladino is Wrong [ALERT:9May2011]

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Carl is Wrong…
or is he?
You already know about the ongoing debate over Cuomo’s proposed Tax Cap, which is actually a guaranteed property tax increase of not more than 2% each year.
Ok, certainly it’s a matter of opinion, but who in their right mind would favor a vote to guarantee us a tax increase every year?  And now, Americans for Prosperity (who, btw, donated substantially to the Cuomo campaign) want us to RALLY for this tax increase?!  We need a CUT, not a CAP.  Some say it’s a start, but most in the Tea Party movement across NYS say it’s the start of a long slippery slide into unnecessary compromise.

Ex-Campaign Manager Michael Caputo insists that Carl has flipped his position, and now supports Cuomo’s half-baked Tax Cap:
“Last night, former candidate for governor Carl Paladino urged activists and Tea Party members to support Cuomo’s Tax Cap. On a Blogtalkradio show, he said:

     ‘Circumstances have changed. Our position is that we want to reel everything
     back and make  this government much smaller than it is. The people in charge right
     now are not going to do that. If this is all we can get out of them right now, get it
     out of them! That’s what you have to do until you have the strength to take charge 
     and implement your own program. We’re not there now. You have to learn how to
     win; you have to take positions that are winnable. Otherwise, people are going to
     become frustrated and they’re going to disappear – and the effort will die.
     (1hr 10min mark)'”

However, Carl Paladino has asked this message to his supporters and those confused by his remarks be circulated, “And for those who didn’t hear the interview, my view on the tax cap was limited to a cap with absolutely no loopholes and in the context that Cuomos budget was a fraud. Please make this clear to everyone. CPaladino”  Read Ex-Campaign Manager, Caputo, gets it wrong on Paladino 2% Tax Cap answer.

WE ARE THE HIGHEST TAXED STATE IN THE NATION.  We are the only state in the nation with an open borders policy and virtually no residency requirements.  We have the highest costs per capita of any other state in the nation by almost 100%. We have the highest utility rates of anywhere.  We have a mountain of unaccountable Authorities which causes a multi-billion dollar drain on New York’s economy, and that doesn’t even include their illegal back-door borrowing. And that’s just the beginning.

It’s a shame and a sham unless there is real and substantive mandate relief, according to those who know better and people like Erie CE Chris Collins.  Cuomo’s Medicaid Redesign Team (MRT) is planning to offer some ways to cut spending to go along with the Tax Increase–oops I mean Tax Cap Plan, but there is far too much waste and redundancy that extends waaaaaay beyond Medicaid that isn’t even being addressed.

Obviously, you are free to do as you please, but we will NOT be attending the Americans for Prosperity Lobby Day on Tuesday, May 10th or the Unshackle Upstate Tax Cap Lobby Day scheduled for Tuesday, May 17th. Both are in Albany.  Btw, it’s stalled in the tax and spend-controlled Assembly, who is not passing it cuz they’re addicted to spending.  Our objecting because it doesn’t go far enough, we assume, will have Zero effect on that body.

Carl is Right
…on Charter Schools, and we invite you to join us in support of parents of children attending the abysmally failing Buffalo Public Schools.  A rally is being held in front of City Hall at noon on Monday, May 16th — Be there!

Take Action 2
Also Coming Up…
Prayer on Wednesday

NYFRF Rally, in defense of marriage, in Buffalo, on Thursday at Noon!  Please make time to be there!

Celebrate Our Veterans, NFCRC Annual Dinner, Thursday, May 19th at 6pm.

Honored Guest
Though House Speaker John Boehner and many other dignitaries were in town in support of Jane Corwin at a Monday luncheon, they were upstaged by another guest.  Pastor Jerry Gillis of the Chapel at Crosspointe gave the invocation and it was a beautiful prayer of thanks and praise for the presence of Christ, the most honored guest of all.

Jerry Gillis et al  Jane & John

Medicaid Schmedicaid
Well, after much fanfare and apparent pretense, Cuomo’s team of experts (the MRT, Medicaid Redesign Team), given the simple task of identifying ways to improve New York’s appallingly inefficient and expensive Medicaid system, have failed.  Nowhere is there a mention of residency requirements or utilizing the data tracking system developed by the Salient Corporation and instituted by County Executive Tom Santulli of Chemung County.  In one case, this system was able to identify one Medicaid recipient who was getting his prescriptions filled at six different drugstores.  This has saved Chemung County millions, and there isn’t any reason why it can’t be instituted statewide.  Read it here: Medicaid Schmedicaid

Hot Air
False Hochul ads claiming the Republicans are planning to gut Medicare,* and with Jack Davis clearly splitting the line, many people are concerned about this traditionally Republican seat going to a tax and spend Democrat, upsetting some Tea Party gains in the 2010 elections.  We all saw it coming, but the Spoiler and his Imprudent Counsel marches ahead.  We’ve been cited (or sighted) by Michelle Malkin’s blog Hot Air, in the Green Room (!) in an article called Will NY26 be a 2012 bellweather?

“…even back in March the only active, established Tea Party group we could locate in the area, Tea New York, wasn’t even considering Davis. (Not surprising since he has run for office twice as a Democrat and has ties to the Working Families Party.) They were, at the time, considering both Corwin and David Bellavia, who had been lobbying for the NY Conservative Party line. In the end, the Conservative Party went with Corwin and then Tea New York voted on April 13th to endorse Corwin also.”

*In case you missed it: The truth is that Obamacare reduces future funding for Medicare by $575 billion over the next 10 years and spends the money on other programs, including a vast expansion of Medicaid.  Story here.

Jack Davis Tells Voter to Shut Up
Video here.

Help is On the Way, Dear
“The Tea Party Express, the National Republican Congressional Committee and the state GOP have joined the fight to protect the western New York seat previously held by former Rep. Chris Lee (R). And with the May 24 election less than three weeks away, the powerful conservative group American Crossroads is actively considering whether to pour resources into the race as well.” Crossroads Eyes Sending Help to N.Y. Special

You might remember that just after the TP Express came to town for a foot-stomping good time, they promptly slapped Carl Paladino.  So the TP Express hasn’t exactly been on our top 20 reputable TP organizations. But we understand that Mark Williams, the TP Express guy who was responsible for disowning the Paladino candidacy is now gone.  We may just be able to work with them after all….

Newsflash! This just in:
The Tea Party Express will be here on Monday, May 16th at 2pm, in support of Jane Corwin for Congress.. details and venue to be announced soon.  Check back here soon.

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Free Energy!!
What if we told you that you could $upport the work of TEANewYork and it wouldn’t cost you a cent?  What if we then told you, that not only will it NOT cost you money, it will actually save you money on your monthly energy bill?  What if we sweetened the deal, and showed you a way to get your energy for free?  Wait! It gets better! No contract, no cost to switch, nothing changes, guaranteed monthly savings, and you get to take a bite out of monopolies like National Grid and NYSEG, who bill us with the most expensive utility rates in the country.

As a result of deregulation, alternate energy companies are supplying homes and businesses with substantial credits on their electric bills, and Rus & I are now partnering with Ambit Energy Corp. to help you benefit from it too.  We’ve named our company Energy Sense, and it will generate a significant residual income that will enable us to continue the work that we currently do without pay. (You can generate one too!  Just ask how.)  You can check out or click on the icon below, and click on “Sign Up Here” — but better yet, call us, and we’ll do it for you! It only takes about 5 minutes. 

Just have your utility bill in hand!  Call Jul at (716)444-8908.

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Obama Osama Gaffs Hilarious
Ding dong, the witch is dead, and the MSM botches it all up.

Stay fit, we need you!
Jul & Rus Thompson
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“So we watch and we wait and we hope and we pray
you will come and make all things new
and we won’t be afraid
as we long for the day you will come and make all things new,
all things new”
~ All Things New by Nicol Sponberg

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TEANewYork was established as a resource for many things political, issue-oriented and policy-wise, and for things you can actually do, to actively participate in reforming our severely dysfunctional New York State government. What are you waiting for? Jump on in!
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