Jack Davis Yells Shut Up! to Voter During Town Hall

Jack Davis, who has always been a strong advocate of abortion “rights” and taxpayer funding of it,  recently flipped his position.  Sort of.  Perhaps someone educated him on the nature of partial-birth abortion, because at the Niagara Patriot’s April meeting, he said it abhors him, thankfully.  But when asked if he would defund Planned Parenthood, he didn’t answer the question, accused a longtime Niagara Patriot and recent inductee into the Grand Island Republican committee Mike Madigan of being a GOP plant, then marched out the door.  When Jack told We Surround Rochester members that he opposes partial-birth abortion at an April 30th Candidate Night, he was asked by longtime WSR member Mike Madigan if he would then ban it.  And herewith was Jack’s response.


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4 Responses to Jack Davis Yells Shut Up! to Voter During Town Hall

  1. Peter Pumpkin says:

    Oh come on. Mike Madigan is as wacky as they come – at least as wacky as Davis, if not more. If he were asking me what time it was I would have thrown his butt out of there. Crazy nutcase.

  2. TEANewYork says:

    See Peter, THIS is why we can’t have nice things…like a cohesive, multi-faceted, well functioning reform movement. Because SOME people just can’t refrain from namecalling, and tarnishing the character of good people like Mike Madigan. Can’t you guys just agree to disagree and move along with your lives? Well there’s the rub. It’s not so easy when you feel you’ve been unfairly characterized, is it?

    Mike is actually a highly intelligent individual with an excellent analytical ability, a respected member of many reform groups, and one of the few sane people that are more actively engaged. He asked Davis two simple and fair questions, and being present both times, I can say emphatically that Mike was not being antagonistic. Since Mike has been writing somewhat prolifically lately, you can be sure he only wanted to be certain of Jack’s changing position on abortion.


  3. Mike Madigan says:

    Check Meetup record for We Surround Rochester on-line – I have been a member since November 2009 and attended all of their vetting sessions – all of them. I attended vetting of Reed, Burkle, Rowland, Paladino, Redlich (he was on Skype), Roberto, DioGuardi and Bernsten……

    Jack Davis flatters himself thinking I am stalking him.

    For Saturday’s meeting -I worked with Paul S of WSR to extend invite to Kathy Hochul (she will verify this if asked). – We truly wanted all 3 candidates present so we could hear their positions and voters could make an informed choice – that is our goal (similarly I extended invite to Kathy Hochul for the prior vetting sessions as well – as she will verify).

    You should read the reviews Davis received from that meeting Saturday -ouch!! (Meetups have post meeting on-line reviews)…Davis even scared a young child, as per the reviews, due to his angry displays. He even admitted he was angry. Jane Corwin received very positive reviews on-line by the Rochester group and she won over a majority with her depth of knowledge and the apparent passion she has.

    It is regrettable that Hochul failed to attend 3 out of 4 of these meetings to make her case to her potential voters – she would have done better than Davis. Hochul did attend 1 vetting session with TEA New York. While not a voter in this district I assist with organizing such events for voter education and attend and participate. Our goal is to have fully informed voters entering the voting booth that has heard the positions of all legitimate candidates.

  4. a12iggymom says:

    I would vote for Jack the Ripper before Jack Davis…he has zero principles but is a power whore…Green Party, Working Families, Democrat, ACORN…Jack has been affiliated every one of them and a few more. I would not let this man be dog catcher…but this is my opinion from following the Davis’ career over the decades…

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