Dear Bronx Tea Partiers ~! from Western New York…

The United Federation of Teachers Alliance of Charter Teachers and Employees (UFT ACTS) is putting a tremendous amount of pressure on the Kingsbridge Innovative Design Charter School in the Bronx, NY to unionize, despite their firm commitment not to.  The Union has support from the local media, who is reporting financial difficulty out of proportion to reality.

Charter Schools have been a tremendous success, and we believe this success should only be encouraged.  Here in Buffalo, NY, the Charter School for Applied Technology has a 100% graduation rate, compared to 47% among Buffalo Public Schools, and under 25% among black males.  This is true, despite the fact that we spend $27,000 per student per year.  In addition, CSAT operates on approximately 60% of the funding that other public schools in the area receive.  When the State froze funds to Charter Schools two years ago,
CSAT dropped closer to 50% of what other districts spent. Then when Buffalo Public Schools decided to withhold bus service without explanation, CSAT was forced to spend money that was allocated for building and program improvements on buses, dropping even lower.

We are advocating on behalf of Kingsbridge Charter School, and we ask for your assistance because we believe that fiscal responsibility, teacher accountability and the demonstrated success of Charter Schools ensure a greater measure of success among our students, who are otherwise relegated to a life of poverty and dependence upon taxpaying citizens and fiscally irresponsible bureaucrats.

This is rather urgent, as there is a Public Hearing on the matter on Tuesday, April 26th.  The address is 295 West 231st St. Bronx 10463 and I think it starts at 5pm.

If you do attend (on this painfully short notice), please connect with Julio Cotto or John Torres.    Please contact me for more contact information for future help with this matter.

Thank you for the important work you do, and we look forward to hearing from you.

Jul Thompson
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