Obama’s on a Crime Spree [ALERT:6Apr2011]

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Obama has redirected $140 billion to the IMF for international wealth re-distribution, without Congressional approval.  See David Limbaugh interview here:  OBAMA’S PRESIDENCY MOST DESTRUCTIVEIN U.S. HISTORY.    He also declared war on Libya without mandatory Congressional approval.  Add these to yet more egregious offenses in his long line of impeachable offenses.  Meanwhile, NATO asks US for more airstrikes.

Something goofed up with the link we sent a little while back for 25, then 25 more impeachable offenses.  So here it is again: http://bearwitness.info/IMPEACHABLEOFENCES.aspx

Here is a short list of a dozen glaring Impeachable Offenses, written by Constitutional Scholar Michael Connelly.

Stop Obama from Taking Over the Internet
On December 21, 2010, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) took a party-line vote to regulate the Internet in the name of network neutrality.  This week, the U.S. House of Representatives will vote on overturning these regulations and protecting the free-market Internet.
Take Action 2
Tell your Member of Congress to vote Yes on H.J. Res. 37 to stop the FCC’s power grab.  Use AFP’s easy form to send a ready-made letter to your US Senators and Congressmen here: http://tinyurl.com/6zkw976

All Hands on Deck
Tea Party Nation joins fight to stop borrowing (Better late than never…).  Calls for dumping Boehner as Speaker and Congressman.

Take Action 2 2
Sign the petition to Defund Planned Parenthood.

Spreading Liberty Abroad..
Tired of the US Government funding terror and installing 3rd world dictators?  Case in point, Obama unilaterally declaring war in Libya, committing our precious (men) and nonexistent ($) resources to supply al-Qaeda or the Taliban with arms to battle Gaddafi. It’s anyone’s guess what rogue Muslim dictator they intend to install when Gaddafi is deposed.

What if we had the capacity to help “install” an honest democratic leader dedicated to providing liberty and prosperity to a nation in which 50% of the population lives on less than a dollar a day?

Well, consider a man who is contending for the Kenyan presidency. George L. Wajackoyah is a conservative Christian who desires to bring free market principles to Kenya, Africa, and he considers himself the first Tea Party foreigner.  I had occasion to meet Dr. Wajackoyah at a Carl Paladino fundraiser in Rochester, and as you can imagine, we had an instant connection. About two months ago, we met again and discussed the possibility of me (read: us) helping to formulate policy and the platform, and advise the campaign on Tea Party principles, to which I was only too happy to oblige.

The US sends $650 million taxpayer dollars every year to Kenya.  Well in the first five years of the current President Kibaki administration, an estimated $1 billion was squandered.. many people in his administration got a new BMW among other things.  That’s not where our hard-earned dollars were supposed to go.  In a Wajackoyah administration, that money, as well as money funneled through NGO’s would be allocated correctly, and properly accounted for.  Imagine for a moment, if we could be a significant shareholder in that legacy.  If you know of influential people, perhaps a personal email address of Sarah Palin, you know of Michele Bachman’s favorite watering hole (!), you know of venture capitalists or deep-pocketed people with a heart for Africa and lifting Kenyans out of abject poverty by teaching them to fish, please let me know.  Or, if you would simply like to contribute to Dr. Wajackoyah’s campaign, you can do so through TeaNY PAC.  Just indicate what it’s for in a note.  You can do so on-line, or send it to TeaNY PAC, PO Box 204, Grand Island, NY 14072.

Thank you in advance!
Jul Thompson
Director of US Liaisons

America is Funding Terror
Shariah Compliant Banks

4/2/10 by Sharia Finance Watch

According to Shariah Finance Watch, many U.S. banks are “Shariah Compliant.” Is your bank on this list? There are at least two reasons to boycott such banks: First of all, Sharia compliant banks are required to donate two percent of their profits to Muslim “charities,” which are often jihad-related groups, because, of course, jihad is an inextricable part of Islamic doctrine. Secondly, the widespread existence of such policies at banks ostensibly legitimizes Sharia law which has no place in the modern world.
AIG, Citigroup, Dow Jones, HSBC, UBS, Visa and Mastercard are on this list.  Go here for a complete list of Shariah compliant banks and companies.

Big Labor Planning Domestic Terrorism
SEIU’s Stephen Lerner wants to “stoke simmering discontent into concrete, concerted direct action to challenge corporate extremism.” This is a campaign that would sow “the seeds of a movement that turns the tables on them [Wall Street]” — by organizing homeowners en mass to do a mortgage strike, causing a new financial crisis as in 2008.
How nice.  More info here.

2 Reminders:
#1 — TeamWatch NY is a collaborative effort by reformers across the State to improve communication  between elected officials and their constituents.  You can choose a candidate, be a watchdog on his or her voting record, and report back by posting information on the site.  To learn more, go here: http://www.teamwatch.us/ny/?page_id=5
If you’d like to participate in TeamWatch, contact Sheryl Thomas at sthomas@teamwatch.us, or call  845-800-6601.  Or you can simply subscribe to the live feed here.

#2 — If you’d like to participate in the TeaNewYork Discussion forum, contact Sandy at sstypick@yahoo.com.

Monkey beating chest
Candidate Forum Update
In a decisively pubescent move, some primates have pounded their chests, and are begrudgingly trying to deprive you of an opportunity to hear the candidates for the 26th CD in one place. They’ve scheduled a glorified Meet-n-Greet for Jack Davis at a pub, on the very same night Jack committed to attending this Thursday’s (April 7th) Candidate Forum.  Interestingly, it’s his campaign staff that plans on endorsing him that night. If you haven’t had your fill of impetuous boys in man-suits with self-serving agendas frittering away a good man’s fortune like we witnessed in the Paladino campaign, we encourage you to have a go at trying to navigate that inhospitable terrain.

It remains to be seen exactly where Jack will be that night, but one can only hope he will make time to attend the larger gathering of Tea Party and Patriot groups, and a sizable smattering of the general public.  WBEN, WGRZ and YNN have also committed to be there. Also, it appears Kathy Hochul does not wish to be late for a fundraiser, and has just opted out.  She will be sending a statement in her stead.  Jane Corwin and David Bellavia however, have graciously accepted our invitation.  David did not gather the necessary signatures to stay on the ballot, but as a highly decorated Iraq War vet and author of “House to House,” it will most assuredly be an evening to remember.
Map and venue info here.

Hope to see you on Thursday!
Reply to:  Jul at Alert@teanewyork.com

“Why did Father give these humans free will? Now they’re all confused.  Silly monkeys, give them sticks and they beat their brother down.  Silly monkeys, fighting over pieces on the ground.” ~Tool


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