Blogger Bull — Glen Graminga and his very in-credible sources

The buffoonery of stooges & pundits who will say or do anything to prove their political prowess is beyond funny sometimes. You already know about certain people who have a bad habit of pulling utter hogwash out of their nether regions and pronouncing it as fact. Well, this latest bit from NewWNYPolitics would be funny if the facts weren’t so pathetically wrong, on every level.  Wait I take it back.  It is so flippin’ funny, our bellies still ache from laughing!

Here’s what really happened:
The TNY Board met with Jack Davis and David Bellavia two Sundays ago at the Comfort Zone Cafe (Chuck Barrett’s place – great spot) on Elmwood Avenue in Buffalo (squarely outside the 26th CD), because Jack in particular was anxious to meet with a few of us, and we also wanted to determine if it would be worthwhile to hold a Forum.  Since David Bellavia would be there, Rus thought it would be useful to have him meet with Carl Paladino and CE Chris Collins, since they both favor Jane Corwin — so he had pre-arranged for them all to chat after the Board met with the candidates. Carl, Chris and David, together, all informally talked with Board members outside the meeting room before the Board members left.  Then Rus, Carl, Chris, David, his campaign manager Paul and I all sat down and talked. All went well.  Chris Collins wanted to be sure David knew what he was getting into without comparable campaign cash, and without endorsements. We believe Carl & Chris both gained a deeper respect for David as a result of this meeting, and learning where he stands on the issues, why he is committed to this race.  At one point, David let us listen to a recording of some anonymous guy who left a message on his voicemail, offering him a $70,000 a year job, presumably to get out of the race. We all laughed at the absurdity.  Chris Collins for one, is very unfamiliar with patronage, and has made enemies in the GOP for his unwillingness to generously supply it, on demand.  Absolutely no offer was made to David to get out of the race.

Channel 2 showed up outside, but this was not a public affair, so as we left, Carl & Chris simply told the reporter that there was nothing to report, we were just having coffee.  David was the only one who used the restroom after Channel 2 arrived, and before we all parted ways.  End of story.

Now that you’ve got the facts, here is the Juicy Buffoon Rendition, for your sure to be exquisite reading pleasure…

(A Very Funny Fairytale):
GOP Topsider Tries To Buy Off Bellavia With Assembly Nomination

Written by Glenn Gramigna, Editor
ERIE COUNTY GOP’S FAILED ATTEMPT TO BUY OFF A WAR HEROAs a staff sergeant serving with US forces in Afghanistan, congressional candidate Dave Bellavia won the Silver Star and found himself considered for both the Medal of Honor and the Distinguished Service Cross for the courageous way in which he led his men into battle, braving enemy fire again and again. However, none of this may have totally prepared him for the cynicism he’s encountered in WNY politics, highlighted by a recent attempt by Erie County Republican topsiders to buy his withdrawal as a 26th District independent congressional candidate. 

According to highly placed sources who were on the scene, this latest outrage took place at a popular watering hole deep inside the 26th. The occasion was a Candidate Night sponsored by a Tea Party group.

As our source tells the story:

“Dave was leaving the place when a female operative close to the leadership of the Erie County Republican Party asked Dave to ‘stick around,” he reports. “Dave said, ‘No, I’ve got to go.’ But, the woman persisted, saying, ‘Here, let me buy you a cup of coffee.’ She then produced her cup of coffee and led a still reluctant Bellavia into a back room of this particular establishment.

When Dave got there, he found the most powerful Republican elected official in WNY sitting there along with yet another wealthy and powerful Republican, also a successful businessman with state-wide ambitions, and an activist who had apparently already been bought of by the GOP powers that be.”

At this point, we are told that Bellavia “smelled a rat” and decided on a delaying tactic.

“Dave said, ‘Wait a minute, I have to go to the men’s room,” our source continues. “But, when Dave was in the men’s room, he called Ch. 2 News, which immediately sent a reporter and photographer to the scene.”

Once Bellavia returned to his back room rendezvous with the rich and powerful, we are told he was offered the chance to run as the Republican nominee for the NYS Assembly in Batavia if he would only forgo his independent run for Capital Hill.

“Dave kept saying no, he didn’t want to do it and then finally, the Ch. 2 guys showed up,” our source on the scene reports. “At that point, it was the high up Republican office holder’s turn to hide in the men’s room, in an apparent attempt to keep the voting public from finding out what he was up to. It was really hilarious to see this elected public official and millionaire hiding in a men’s room stall like a teenager.”

In the end, we are told, Bellavia turned the offer down time and again, leaving the scene with his integrity intact.

“They tried to buy off a war hero and it just didn’t work,” our source concludes. “The arrogance and cynicism of these people is really something. It never ceases to amaze me.”

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6 Responses to Blogger Bull — Glen Graminga and his very in-credible sources

  1. TEANewYork says:

    Funny thing is, I of all people, in this fanciful tale, am the female operative close to the GOP leadership~! Are Glen and his incredibly unbelievable sources referring to the ErieGOP Chair who calls the TEA Party a myth? Or are they referring to the NiagaraGOP Chair who consistently reports that the TEA Party is dead?

    This just keeps getting funnier and funnier!

    Jul Thompson
    CO, TNY

  2. BellaviaBacker says:

    I don’t take sides in this ongoing Tea Party infighting. I participate in the Coniglio forum and attend TeaNY events; both are rewarding. I just wish these two sides could get along because this internal battle makes us all look bad.

    Can’t you guys just agree to disagree and move along with your lives? I don’t blame one side more than the other for this bickering – but I do have a bone to pick with BOTH sides when it comes to David Bellavia.

    Rus Thompson stood up and spoke truth to power and darn near endorsed David Bellavia when Jane Corwin was shoved down our throats. I think Jul was especially supportive of David over Jane because David is pro-life and Jane is pro-abortion. But somehow, that slowly changed. Rus began openly positive about David but his supportive comments became slowly muted. He and his board promised to carry petitions for Bellavia – they delivered none.

    Then, Rus and Jul organized an ambush meeting with Collins and Paladino – they didn’t have the courtesy to even tell David ahead of time. It wasn’t a bad meeting, just an unexpected meeting. Since then, Rus and Jul have been kind about David but they’ve been writing and circulating warning blogs telling folks that a split ticket can deliver it all to the Dems.

    In fact, they’re doing exactly what Carl Paladino told them to do: back off Bellavia; let Corwin win. So, even though Rus and Jul are vowed to fight the party machine, they are doing exactly what Nick Langworthy wants them to do – because he told Carl to tell them what to do.

    Allen Coniglio and Jim Ostrowski are on the opposite side, of course. They’ve long been opposed to everything Rus and Jul do – and visa versa. If one side endorsed Jesus H. Christ for Senate, the other would rush off for a front seat on Mt. Calvary.

    Allen and Jim aren’t pure here. In fact, they’re on the payroll of Jack Davis – the most liberal candidate for Congress in NY26. David DiPietro is also on the Davis payroll with them – another former friend of Jul and Rus. The Coniglio Crew has been kind to David Bellavia, too – in fact, it appears they’ve been successful in convincing Davis to treat David with respect. But make no mistake, they are hoping David is blocked from the race and will come to back Jack.

    In fact, Jack has been so kind to David that he might just get that support in the end – if David decides it is more important to screw the GOP which screwed him so badly for so long.

    But here’s the uncomfortable truth: neither of these two WNY Tea Party factions have embraced David Bellavia, the only true patriot and conservative in this race. Rus/Jul/et al have their reasons (Paladino) and Allen/Jim/David have theirs ($$$). None of those reasons are based on principle.

    These two well-meaning factions are so wrapped up in their own political manipulations that they have left their natural candidate behind. And that, Tea Party colleagues, is a real shame. We had a candidate and we all screwed him.

  3. TEANewYork says:

    Yours is a thoughtful rendition, but it’s not entirely accurate! I’ll cover those points shortly, but among the most glaring is the notion that David DiPietro is a “former” friend. I still consider David a friend. That he chose to distrust us and believe the wild fabrications, though confusing coming from an otherwise really smart guy, doesn’t automatically disqualify him as a friend. I have to admit though, when he more recently joined the chorus of Blogging Bullshitters in vilifying us, it became difficult for me to justify it, or defend him any longer.

    It still amazes me that he actually believes we supported Jim D. in the Senate race. He was present at the meetings, he knew of our plans to have a joint candidate forum (which was Jim’s idea, and which evidently was promptly and without notice, rejected). Why it was so important to jump ahead and choose between him and Lenny, who they knew wasn’t even running in that race, is beyond me. There’s more here, but I suspect you’ve already read it and rejected it as well:

    After what was left of the Coalition shot themselves in the foot, David aligned himself with their dishonest, unethical and illogical maneuverings, and similarly lost support among our members. He received 49% at our Candidate Forum, and because he didn’t receive the necessary percentage, the Board tried to reach a consensus and failed. The vote was split 4 to 4, so we decided not to endorse. Beyond my better instincts (because the TP in general doesn’t favor third party splits), I voted in his favor, and I even drove an hour every day for three days to Derby to get signatures on his Conservative petition — even as I objected to his running on the Tea Party line — because he’s a friend. Ellie voted in his favor too, and she was one of two people that actually did the vote tally. We still have the ballots and have offered them as proof, but some people just want to believe a lie.

    David obviously always has a warm spot in my heart, as does Jim for all his hard work and important policy studies. Allen is so out there, it’s hard for me to get a fix on where he’s coming from. His lying tongue cuts with a two-edged sword and it never stops. It’s not that I don’t forgive him, it just looks like unbridled resentment or a clinical neuroses that surely a little medicine would fix. This is not a criticism, some of our relatives have similar conditions! But for lack of a better explanation, there is never any respite from his venomous attacks, and as such there seems little hope of reconciliation.


    • TEANewYork says:

      As far as “getting along” with people who incessantly invent stories to vilify us, not likely. We have done a pretty good job of simply ignoring them since the time they attempted to lie to us in order to circumvent the process we’d created to have an open and transparent vetting session. Again, I can only direct your attention to this short synopsis, as there is very little else in the public domain “attacking” the TPC as is often claimed: We’ve left them to their own devices, but for some reason, they can’t seem to leave us alone. Again, I maintain that any damage they have suffered has been self-inflicted

      This is an important correction:
      I actually had no idea Rus hadn’t told David about the meeting until late Thursday, March 24th. I know now he was afraid David wouldn’t want to speak with Chris and Carl. If I’d known, I would have strongly advised him to make sure David knew about it. But David told me directly that he is a big boy, and that in no way did he feel it was an ambush. I also have to remind you of the facts of the story, which point to Carl, Chris and David Bellavia ALL informally speaking to the Board members TOGETHER, outside the meeting room, before the smaller meeting began.

      Carl never told us to “back off” Bellavia. We respect each other’s opinions, but we don’t step on each other’s toes. Carl in fact, said in a NY Times article that he’s learned alot from Rus — the point being Carl has certain issues that he focuses on, but he’s not that politically-oriented. He pretty much leaves a lot of that stuff to us. But we’re not about manipulations — the meeting was only intended to facilitate some communication, and Rus’ hope was in fact to help Chris and Carl understand David’s position. Rus actually told them NOT to even think about asking David to step down. And they never did, but someone seems to be getting alot of satisfaction out of falsely reporting that they did to the Blogging Bullshitters. I’m sure we all know now who.

      We have run Rus in four races, all on less than a shoestring budget, and the one thing I learned is that it doesn’t matter how good your message or how great your candidate is, you only need endorsements and enough money to send out three big glossy mailers. !! We live in an area with a nearly braindead electorate, and they overwhelmingly vote the party line every time. Though Carl’s Primary was a rare exception, it seems the voters quickly lost their minds again by November.

      I don’t give a whit what Langworthy thinks, though I never miss an opportunity to remind people he thinks we’re a myth. We may be a myth if we lose an easy GOP district to a Democrat. vs. a good Conservative. I’m obviously opposed to Jane’s position on 1st trimester abortions, but aside from that, she’s not just nominal, she’s good on conservative values. I’ve made it no secret that I would personally prefer David, but without endorsements, no one ever wins in this God-forsaken state on a third party line alone — which is why we tried to get the GOP to hold off endorsing til we could hear the candidates. We have to pick our battles, and without a Primary and with very little time, we have to face reality. In my opinion, in reality, as appealing as David is, he has very little name recognition. Couple that with no endorsements, the braindead electorate, the $$ factor, the Jack Davis factor, and the fact that the Tea Party here is not nearly as influential as we’d like it to be, it’s a losing proposition. I appreciate the need to fight the Machine, but again, we have to pick our battles. But I think he’s well positioned to take on another CD, or Jane in a Primary, if he is willing. As far as David getting screwed, we can swap war stories about getting screwed. If I had another 40 hours a week, I would make it my life’s ambition to destroy the Board of Elections and replace it with a truly independent body. And I’ve lost count of how many times we’ve been screwed by the GOP. Btw, the first time I ever met David, was the day of this infamously misreported meeting. Consider for a moment risking much of what you’ve worked for (meaning more conservative representation), and the possibility of sacrificing an important CD to a liberal Democrat for someone you just met two weeks ago.

      We had nothing to do with David’s petition gathering process. Rus asked for his petitions, but the campaign never sent him the file, nor did they provide us any hard copies. And the Board never made any commitment to that end, because unless there’s a particularly lousy party endorsed candidate, Tea Parties in general don’t support third party splits. That certainly would not have prohibited Rus and I from getting signatures, which we were prepared to do. But again, we never received the materials.

      I hope this helps.

  4. Cheryl D. says:

    I have been reading all this…..I am sick to my stomach as to the fighting..the he said she said…and find that the biggest and the best fall for the infiltration of established career political party hacks dividing and conquering. The purpose of the Tea Party MOVEMENT is to rid We the People of ANY and ALL party hacks and focus on removing from office or allowing to get in office any “players”. As always…the lure of power and presitge is a huge stumbling block to many. The TEA PARTY is alive and well and consists of the silent majority. Every corrupt career political anybody will hope that the movement does not exist or we range from myths to extreemists. We all know who we really are. We all know who we want and dont want in office. If they are recommended by the local chairmen of any area they are NOT! and if they are not politicians …its who We the People WANT! To support ANY candidate that the parties endorse is to be swept up into their “politics as usual”. Anyone who has fallen for this…back away…swallow your pride…dust their corruptness off your shoes ..wash your hands….and step back into the real battle. The candidate of WE THE PEOPLE was the candidate who gave the most of himself. He signed a blank check with his life as payment should it be required. Anyone willing to die for his country has the vote of the WE THE PEOPLE. Mr. Bellavia, you have the support of the patriots who are not putting their selfish interests first. As a wife and mother of a US MARINE I see no other candidate who stands ready to defend the Constitution of all Americans, even the unborn, to the degree as you do.
    As far as the “he said she said” Tea disputes. Shame on them all for falling for such a long understood principle. Divided we fall………And as far as the chairmen throughout WNY….weigh their support for patriots accordingly. God Bless America. God Bless our Troops. God help us all.

  5. TEANewYork says:

    You should know that one of the reasons we are finding little to agree on with the ErieGOP, is their blatant disregard of Dennis. Rus & I both, on two separate occasions, nearly got into fisticuffs in his defense!

    We have been similarly hurt by them, but though we haven’t endorsed anyone in this race, I’m not sure I’m prepared to throw the baby out with the bath water, simply to fight “the Machine.” Is this the race to do it? Regardless, if you believe so, I surely hope you walked all the necessary petitions, and did everything you could to ensure the best man wins.

    As far as the nonsense going on, there’s alot of he/she said, falsely presuming realities upon speculation while disregarding facts, but the only he said is the public record of public statements, referenced above. We choose our battles and have chosen to ignore this one. Til now, it’s been virtually, entirely one-sided. What would you do? When incessant resentment turns to blatant lies, engaging the media, there comes a time when enough is enough. Stalking?! Come on, really?!

    Not sure who you mean by this: “As always…the lure of power and presitge is a huge stumbling block to many. ” I surely hope it’s not us! Clearly, we’ve made no friends in the GOP, and because the braindead wanna believe we have, we lost friends there too~! But we have found more friends, fellow patriots and like-minded souls in this Tea Party movement than we ever could have imagined possible, it makes it all worthwhile. God is Good!

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