Vengeance Politics [ALERT:19March2011]

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Tire Tracks Hurt

In 2008, Iraq War Vet and true conservative David Bellavia wanted to run for the 26th CD (Congressional District) — but he sat down with Tom Reynolds and Chris Lee, was asked to stand down, and was told his turn would be next.  As a good soldier, he not only stood down, he strongly campaigned on Lee’s behalf.  Well, next time is now, and what did the GOP do?  Throw Bellavia under the bus and endorse Jane Corwin.  So explains his adamant run for this seat.  He’s fed up to his eyeballs with yellow-bellied Republicans.

Commandos & Mercenaries
Former Iraq War commander Gary Berntsen has come out in full support of fellow veteran David Bellavia for the Special Election in the 26th CD.  We love David too, but are reticent to endorse, as the TEA Party doesn’t generally support third party candidates, for fear of splitting the line, and handing the seat to the least favorable of all contenders.  You’ll remember that Gary Berntsen was the US Senate candidate that opposed Chuckie Schumer, and was listed on the Taxpayer petition along with the rest of the Paladino team of candidates.  Well, a few people in Carl’s campaign, some paid, apparently fancied themselves independent political operatives and clandestine master manipulators, and spent a small fortune of Carl’s money WITHOUT HIS KNOWLEDGE OR APPROVAL, for a large lit drop naming Jay Townsend as the Paladino endorsed candidate.  We caught wind and squelched the effort as best we could, and Carl issued an urgent press release confirming Berntsen as the Paladino endorsed candidate.  But a Langworthy/GOP rally featuring Townsend along with Carl only served to reinforce support for Townsend, confuse others, and ultimately split the votes between Townsend and Berntsen.  Townsend was getting similar support from RINO leaders around state, and went on the win the Primary, but lost in the General Election.

Bernsten got screwed by the Republicans, and now he has assembled a sizable army that have come up from Long Island to gather signatures for Bellavia.  At this writing, they have met the minimum, and are now exceeding the number of signatures needed to run a third line, which is called the Federalist Party.

Beat the Machine (& disobedient minions)
— with a Bloody Stick

Jack Davis is being pushed by the two or three man band that call themselves the Tea Party Coalition (capital C) of WNY.  A coalition (small c) of groups including TEANewYork, Primary Challenge, the Niagara Patriots, the Grand Island/Erie County Patriots, and Buffalo 912 are not involved with this group, so the jury’s still out about who exactly comprises this Coalition.  For the record (since we virtually NEVER speak of them, those who shall go unnamed): Few are even aware that their fearless leaders alienated themselves at the start by lying to the rest of the leadership about who was running in the 59th, then tried to unilaterally circumvent the process we’d created to have an open and transparent vetting process.  They’ve been making up stories about many of us ever since, apparently in an effort to discredit us. Any damage they have suffered has been self-inflicted, but they never miss an opportunity to blame others.  That’s why many people consider them fringe, because that’s not what the Tea Party is about.

Apparently their support alone is all Davis felt he needed to run on the TEA Party line. He did speak to us about his platform, and it was a little hard for us to discern what distinguishes him from Jane Corwin* — they’re both fiscal conservatives and favor abortion — though Jane limits it to first trimester, opposes federal funding of abortions and favors parental notification.  Interestingly, when asked if he would partner with the TEA Party Caucus (in Congress), he said he would take it over, which seemed to demonstrate a lack of understanding about leadership in the Tea Party.  Jack is right, good and strong on a lot of issues, but there seems no point in splitting the line unless there is something glaring that sets him apart.  But to the 3-man band, it’s less about principle than it is about politics, for the Machine Must Be Fought No Matter the Cost!

The DC newspaper Roll Call has been keeping abreast of this race, and I took a little heat for calling them a “rogue tea party faction”  and suggesting that Davis wasn’t a particularly viable candidate.  Just a personal opinion. A couple of days later though, he told a voter who asked him a tough question, “I don’t need your vote anyway, so Shut up!”
I rest my case.

Davis Seeks ‘Tea Party’ Line in NY
Tea Party Fracturing Over New York Special Election

Businessman Pushes for Third-Party Run in N.Y. Special Election

*Not long after this was posted, it became increasingly clear that there is a vast array of differences between Jack and Jane.  See: Jack Davis is NOT a Genuine Tea Party Candidate, Press Release dtd 11May2011

GOP Section 8’s
If the Republicans had honored our request and allowed us to hold a forum before they rushed ahead with an endorsement for Corwin, it seems likely that at least one of the 3rd party candidates may have ceded, finding a lack of independent voter support.  One wonders why they didn’t consider our request — after all, the TEA Party has made great strides in a short time, and is a natural ally to the Republicans!  Embracing our values, as opposed to only seeing us as a threat to the power structure would most assuredly have created a much more edifying, and mutually satisfying relationship.

It’s very tempting to encourage this 4-way race and let the chips fall where they may.  Worst case scenario, Corwin, Bellavia and Davis split the conservative vote, Hochul gets the Democrat and independent vote and walks away with it.  Kathy Hochul is well-liked as a reformer of sorts as the County Clerk.  The TNY Board met with her and found her to be warm and engaging, but not very forthcoming on her positions, and not terribly well educated on many issues that concern us.  She will have to move to the 26th CD if she wins, and we found it problematic that she won’t consider a Primary against Brian Higgins, within whose district she currently lives.  Few people are aware that she voted to raise taxes in 11 out of 12 budgets while serving on the Hamburg Town Council, and continued to receive her salary from Hamburg while serving as Deputy County Clerk.  If she wins, it might just be a day of reckoning for the boneheaded Republicans.  Maybe they can plead insanity for shooting themselves in the foot…over and over and over again.

The term Section 8 refers to a category of discharge from the United States military for reason of being mentally unfit for service…

Candidate Forum
Currently we are considering a forum after all, and rating the candidates as opposed to an endorsement — the reason being, we don’t favor 3rd party runs, especially when the endorsed candidate is no slouch.  We’ve set the tentative date of Thursday, April 7th in Wheatfield at 7pm.  Naturally we need your input, so please plan on attending.  Will fill you in on details as they become firm.

Buffalo News Waterloo
The Buffalo News has waged an all-out war on Carl Paladino, presumably for his bad habit of stating the bald-faced truth, for calling out their propaganda, for our lack of appreciation for their stunning lack of support for a real reformer and home-town boy, for his giant Spineless Stan Lipsey sign and undoubtedly, a multitude of other offenses only an honest businessman, conservative and genuine reformer could possibly be guilty of.
Read his response here

Bloomy’s Swindler Slammed

Accused campaign-cash crook John Haggerty [and ineffective Paladino campaign operative] failed yesterday to convince a judge to toss his charges, instead earning a judicial scolding for arguing that he’s really just a nice guy.  As first reported in The Post, Haggerty allegedly talked Mayor Bloomberg into contributing $1.2 million to the Independence Party in late 2009, then pocketed $1.1 million.  Haggerty had argued that the case against him should be thrown out because he has spent his professional life working for government officials, is a loving family member, served as an altar boy and once considered becoming a priest.  But “the bottom line is that [Haggerty] sought to enrich himself at Mayor Bloomberg’s expense,” Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Ronald Zweibel wrote in his ruling allowing the prosecution to proceed.
The story is here

Make ready!
Reply to:  Jul at

Preach the Word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage–with great patience and careful instruction. ~2 Timothy 4:2

Lord forgive me my impatience and carelessness ~Jul 3.19.11


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