Vote in the poll: Should we support a 3rd party line?

We’re debating about whether we should support a third party run for the 26th Congressional seat, vacated in disgrace by Chris Lee… We had hoped the Erie County GOP would hold off on endorsing heir apparent Jane Corwin, fully well aware that their “endorsement process” was just a sham for propriety, as the seat was clearly being sold to the highest bidder.  A perfect example of our crumbling Democracy in action.  But no, desperately determined to hang onto the control they have over mediocrity, and shameful and unnecessary compromise, Young Nick Langworthy, EC GOP Chair, needed to sharpen his teeth at the expense of the heavily overburdened and genuinely oppressed taxpayers and citizens of Western New York, and prematurely endorse, despite the fact that the governor hasn’t even called for a Special Election yet.  KUDOS to the Democrat  Party, for waiting for the guvnuh’s call, before they endorse.

Should the TEA Party support a third party candidate?  Vote!!

This is an example of the arguments that are being made by TNY’s Board of Directors:

We should have vetted sooner – they made no secret of their schedule and we should have acted quickly. We must learn from this. We do not support 3rd party candidates …  We have consistently stated we work within the 2 party system …
We do not want to be disruptive to process  …  At a Republican meeting Saturday that had 145 committeman in attendance, only 5 raised their hands to support another candidate other than Corwin. To say she had strong support there is an understatement – Langworthy as well has been championing Corwin for 2 years so this was not a surprise.

It’s something to consider.
[Corwin’s] Pro-abort, anti-2nd Amendment [stand], hiring illegals doesn’t sit well with me if it turns out to be true.  The Dems should be applauded for refusing to endorse until the governor calls a special election. The Repubs did this to nullify the TP, as they always have, their stripes haven’t changed.  If Corwin loses to a 3rd party split, my sense is, that’s the price the GOP pays for trying to make the TEA Party of no effect.  Maybe they’ll think twice next time.  Next election’s only two year’s away, and what’s the harm?  We have a solid Majority, no?

And from a member: “I support [a] 3rd party.  Teach those f***ers a lesson.”

All votes will be considered, but only members’ votes will count.  Just leave your email address, which will not be made public — and as long as it matches an email address we have on file, you’re in.  As good as gold.  Just post your opinion here, in the comment section below.

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6 Responses to Vote in the poll: Should we support a 3rd party line?

  1. TEANewYork says:

    Corwin may not be forthcoming on some of her positions, and though she’s refused to take the Political Courage Test by Project Vote Smart, she appears to be pro-life and pro-2nd Amendment, according to her voting record.
    Corwin’s Voting Record

  2. Eleni says:

    Corwin is not pro life–not by any means. She is a coward on this issue in fact just like the cowards who run the NYS GOP. Conservatives will continue to be marginalized until they stand up for their values and beliefs… and those beliefs include clear stands on issues of life and the Constitution. She does not have the courage to proclaim publically what may be her private convictions. That means she does/will not have that courage in office either.

  3. Anyone that wants to run for this seat has to have “Deep Pockets”. This is total BS to me! It is always about the money! Have we not figured it out yet that the old saying “Money is the root of all Evil” … From what we have seen in politics for way to long is this as being Truth!
    We do have a few good eggs but there have been many rotten ones as well.
    Am I alone with this feeling?

  4. Paul Fitz says:

    “WE THE PEOPLE” – Those three words that begin the the constitution of the United States of America, (written larger than the rest of the text) says it all in this election. This seat that was disgraced by Chris Lee, is the peoples seat, that is set aside to represent the people of the 26th district NOT a political ping pong ball that is bounced around and sold to the highest bidder, which, in my opinion, the republican power broker did.
    I don’t have “skin in this game” as I live in a different district, but We The People must send a message to the power brokers that We count. If a third party candidate loses the district for the republicans than so be it. I do not identify myself as a republican or democrat, I am an American who is the employer of these politicians and party bosses. They need to answer to us…they need to vett candidates that will represent us, not a candidate that has the most money to invest.
    This past November the republican party was given a great boost by the tea party supported candidates, but, in my opinion, the republicans must respect us and give us true conservative candidates or we should not support them because they are the lesser of the two evils.

  5. Jim Hill says:

    Conservatives have been at a disadvantage in New York for a long time! The result being alot of losses! So why not put forth a third party and show we are serious about our intentions? If it splits the vote, it will put pressure on the NYS GOP to evaluate it’s position! It’s always about the money, turning people off, or some other excuse! Why don’t we start saying what we mean and standing up for what we believe? Let us start building character verses selfish self interest!

  6. Hank Tworek says:

    TEA NY must take a stand that clearly indicates independence from the Republican Party. I suggest that TEA NY proceed with a vetting process and invite all NY 26 candidates for statements regarding positions that interest TEA NY members and supporters. If no candidate warrants outright endorsement, so be it. The TEA party movement may be required to undergo a continual clarification and reaffirmation of its base tenets, which I believe will separate it from the established political parties, which are inescapably indebted to special interests other than the simple taxpayer.

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